Six Nordic Designs you must know

The Nordic region is home to some of the most celebrated and unique designs. It is the attention to detail, early experimentation with forms and materials, creativeness that set Nordic design apart …The simplicity and functionality of the forms define the style of the movement…
Here are 6 designs that are Icons of the movement

Safari Chair

Designed by Kaare Klint the Safari chair has a simple functional design with an elegant distinct silhouette ..It is Klints most known and celebrated design and from the very beginning of the making of the chair admirers such as Arne Jacobsen were some the first to purchase it ..Klint who believed that all designs should be recreations of existing designs ;he created this chair during trip to Africa. He had seen the British officers Chair that acted as inspiration to design the Safari Chair

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The Egg Chair

A chair that became synonymous with Danish design and is recognized as an international heritage; is the Egg chair. Designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen has a unique shape and organic feel. It was originated on the designer’s garage with the first prototype made out of plaster..A fibreglass shell wrapped in polyurethane foam upholstered in fabric or leather, seats on a 4 star pedestal made in cast stainless steel …

Egg chairs kmp furnitureCHO7 Lounge Chair

Known as the “King of the Chairs”, Hans Wegner designed this three legged lounge chair in 1963…The sculptural design of the chair stands elegant in a single shell of curved plywood padded and upholstered. Known for its lightness and simple lines it is an example of Wagner’s design aesthetics and work
ch07 lounge chair

Chieftains Chair

A chair that received the prestigious Danish Design award in 2012 it had changed the course of Danish Design when it was initially created in 1949…Inspired by ancient weaponry Finn Juhl approached the design of Chieftains from a sculptural point of view…He often said that a craftsman’s ability to form is the same as a sculptors…The chair’s impressive frame accommodates a series of planes and forms

PK20 Chair

The PK20 chair is true to Kjaerholm’s design aesthetics and style…Kjaerholm was a trained carpenter that worked with Fritz Hansen designing a number of chairs…He later studied to the Danish School of Arts and Crafts …His fascination of mixing materials and shapes lead him to create the PK20 chair; He particularly loved the way the light was reflecting on the metal and was one of the first designers to use steel in furniture


PH5 Pendant Lamp

Designed to hang low this pendant Lamp was designed to be completely glare free and indirect to the eye…Designed by Poul Henningsen the idea was to incorporate old and new in a completely unique and nostalgic way… Light is directed both horizontally and vertically giving moderate light to the surrounding …Almost half of the households in Denmark have the PH5 lamp

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