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Across the world I am known as Rojo, Rouge, Kόκκινο, 赤, أحمر…an infinity of names but for now, just call me Red. As the color you often associate to passion, warmth, and dynamism, my insight derived from personal experience across a multitude of spaces and works, is especially valuable to interior design. Don’t take me wrong, I am only one among the myriad of my cousins and brothers that make up a never-ending color spectrum; however, it is me who has decided to take the stage today to bring you a much needed sense of excitement and vitality. Whether you decide to incorporate me in statement furniture, accent walls, or striking decor pieces that resonate with my attractive persona; this decision will undeniably bring you closer to a creative and risk-taking design process. Unlike my other fellow colors out there, it is I who has taken the role as your design consultant to advocate for the creation of spaces that stimulate the senses and leave a lasting impression in this world of constant change. 

YSD Studio

My common uses

If you look around you it is very likely that you will find over five versions of me, whether in advertisement, fashion, food, or home appliances. What can I say, can’t help it if I’m popular. However, my fame has become especially intertwined in the world of interiors as I can evoke a range of sensory perceptions and emotional triggers that make me more than an aesthetic choice. My bold, attention-grabbing nature makes me a sought after color for accent pieces and focal points such as a strategically placed red wall, vibrant furniture, or eye-catching decor elements that become the story-telling elements in a room. This is because only I, as a color, can stimulate your senses and memory, promoting a heightened level of alertness and energy in a space. In fact, research can back this up with evidence of my effect on an increased heart rate and enhanced perception of warmth; qualities that make me suitable for areas of social interaction and lively activities. 

Rodolphe Parente

Beyond my sensory impact, as described above, I am also an emotional color, laden with associations to passion, love, and energy which infuse spaces with excitement. Of course, I also have a softer side that can turn an ambiance from intensely dynamic to cozy and intimate when using my calmer shades of burgundy or terracotta. Nonetheless, it’s my naturally intense form which is known across some cultures as a prosperous color, popularly used in carpets or accent pieces that convey opulence and luxury. Thus, if you approach me thoughtfully, I will not only contribute to your interior’s aesthetics but also help you shape the emotional atmosphere and experience within that space. 

Jae Joo Design

Emblematic Red interiors

Just take a look at the case of the Red For in Deli, India- which I am especially proud to be a part of. This 17th century building reserved a space just for me in its Hall of Private Audiences (Diwan-i-Khas) where I became one with the intricate sandstone carvings and the stunning red throne. Thanks to my association with royalty and power, I could become a key element enhancing the regal ambience of this historical space, just as I have one for other famous buildings such as Argentina’s Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. This second example just shows how emblematic I can be when combined with the lavish presence of gold for the purpose of dressing none other than one of the world’s most acoustically clever opera houses. Imagine the plush velvet seats which match with the red curtains and ornate gold detailing, a composition that immerses the audience in a dramatic atmosphere while highlighting the cultural importance of this venue. 


Styling Red

Starting small

While not every interior I grace has to be famous or world renowned, I do pride myself for being part of timeless, relevant, and instantly attractive designs that make for unique spaces. For example, let’s start with small elements such as throw pillows, rugs, vases or artwork. Add a touch of my coloring and voila, you get animated bursts of color without overwhelming a space; creating a vibrant and appealing environment. Or perhaps, if you’re feeling a bit more experimental and modern, I can also come in the form of furniture pieces like sofas, chairs, or ottomans to complement neutral and monochromatic color schemes. Just one look at me and your visitors can sense a touch of warmth and the personality of your interior.

Studio Lawahl

Going bold

Meanwhile, my greatest fanatics can consider adding me as a wall color to create a focal point that brings forth drama and depth to a space. Of course, my shading can be anything ranging from intense red to a more subdued tone that compliments the overall color scheme of the room while still making a statement. The same can be accomplished with artwork- my closest friend and partner throughout the centuries. Whether it is a single red-themed painting, a gallery wall with red accents, or decorative wall hangings, art is a master at capturing my personal expression and merging it with the artist’s creativity. 

Studio Lawahl

Kitchen and Dining Elements

Next you have one of my favorite spaces, the kitchen and dining room. It is their association with nourishment and community building that calls on my own nature as a color that stimulates passion and desire; a combination that results in the increased perception of appetite and liveliness during dinner gatherings. Naturally, my multifaceted form can be incorporated through different elements ranging from appliances to cabinets, or table settings.  Even my presence in small appliances or cookware can add an energetic touch to the culinary space. However, because one can never have enough of me, designers are also keen on adding me or my red undertones on lighting fixtures such as pendant lights, chandeliers, and lampshades. This last method contributes to the overall color scheme in a room while combining my aesthetic with the cozy ambience crafted by the red undertones of lighting.  

Arent Pyke

Final note from Red

At last, before ceding my turn in the spotlight, I would like to conclude with a reminder of my achievements as a dynamic and enriching embellishment in the tapestry of the world’s interiors. As I continue to breathe life and vibrancy into living spaces, my passion will also infuse rooms with warmth, stimulating an inviting ambiance. Therefore, whether it is through carefully chosen accent pieces, striking feature walls, or luxurious furnishings, I, as the color Red, can lend you my storytelling ability to evoke emotions, ignite your creativity, and leave a lasting impression. I cannot wait to see what new narratives I shall weave in the tapestry of future interiors, will my name Red allude to love, power, or a shared cultural value? 

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