Refreshing spring-time interiors

Artem Trigubchak

Spring provides the perfect excuse for interior renewal as it brings change all around us. This season of vibrant awakening inspires a sense of rejuvenation that motivates us to bring the same vitality into our everyday spaces. Moreover, with nature blooming and colors regaining their vibrancy, we can find in this spring palette the encouragement needed to update interiors with lively hues, natural textures, and botanical elements. This is indeed the perfect time to refresh our homes and offices to create inviting and uplifting environments that mirror the spirit of the season. 


What trends to expect

Natural and simple

This spring in particular brings  a series of changes that reflect modern tendencies, growing trends, and our desire to celebrate the end of the cold season. For example, the traditional nature-inspired spring-time decor is back with an unexpected twist as our focus on natural materials and floral patterns switches to a more subtle and minimal approach. Instead of enveloping interiors in an overwhelming array of botanical prints, today’s move follows a softer biophilic design style that emphasizes our use of nature’s benefits indoors such as natural light, organic materials, and open spaces with accessible windows that allow the easy circulation of fresh air. To further complement this calming aesthetic, the new spring-time trends also display a shift towards softer color palettes that brighten interiors with their pastel hues while soothing our eyes and allowing other decor features to pop out and take the spotlight. 

Artem Trigubchak


Tied to this timeless trend, we can also observe the increasing influence of sustainability movements in the design industry. Our growing awareness and preference for eco-friendly materials and design solutions has led various designers and manufacturers to produce long-lasting, quality products that embellish our interiors while also reducing our ecological footprint. Just think about the various recycled furniture types, VOC-free paints, and energy efficient light sources available in the market today. Many of these choices are not only practical but also visually pleasing to the eye. In addition, we can also find a more sustainable solution to our use of space by incorporating flexible, multifunctional furniture pieces that cater to our varying needs and hobbies. Take the example of a sofa bed or side table with hidden storage, both of which serve a dual function while helping you avoid buying extra products that will only take up added space. 

Anne Sophie Pailleret

Expressive and maximalist

Another tendency that can be deduced from the growing list of experimental and bold designs, is the use of maximalist and vintage or retro elements. With so many textures, patterns, and materials at our disposal, it is only natural to be drawn towards the mix-and-match game of layering smooth and rough textures, eclectic modern furnishings, and bold patterns from natural sources. We consistently observe this in interiors that merge nostalgic pieces from legendary epochs with more contemporary elements that could belong to a futuristic film. In fact, some decor and furniture pieces even find inspiration in retro aspects as they merge the glamour of a golden surface or velvet upholstery with the minimalist inclination towards slim lines and organic materials. 


Preparing our interiors for spring

Each of the trends described above can serve as inspiration for your interior remodeling; however, the ultimate choice for your spring-time revival rests entirely up to your own tastes and hopes for the new season. While navigating through this process, here are some of the overarching tips and suggestions that help with maintaining a consistent interior style that aligns with the spring spirit:

Decus Interiors

Firstly, while preparing interiors for the new season, let’s consider some of the elements that invoke a sense of freshness, vitality, and renewal associated with spring. As mentioned earlier,  a light color palette consisting of soft pastels, crisp whites, and airy neutrals, helps create an open and bright ambience that reflects the fresh and clean aspect of the season. Next comes touch, as we update to textiles and accessories with lighter fabrics like linen and cotton with faint floral patterns to infuse a touch of vital charm. In many cases, these floral and natural motifs may not attract everyone’s taste, which is why we can also find a modern twist to this tendency in the sleek, abstract or geometric floral patterns that can easily replace the traditional, overly intricate designs. For example, if you are unsure about this floral approach, you can rest easy knowing that there are various minimalist and contemporary reinterpretations of this pattern which help you maintain a clean and sophisticated aesthetic.

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For example, a way of introducing the spirit of the season through natural elements with a modern flair is to integrate statement pieces like floral-printed accent chairs or bold, oversized artwork with a clean streamlined frame. Even consider the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials for your decor, aligning your space with the growing trend towards environmentally conscious design.  Furthermore, you can combine these approaches with various contemporary styles such as soft and squiggly design, a maximalist interior, or even Scandinavian style. In fact, Spring can belong in any interior and decade of decor as it is universal and free, allowing us to express our own styles through its lens. 

Anne Sophie Pailleret

Final word

Keeping our interiors fresh and up-to-date is not just a matter of aesthetics but also a reflection of our need for spaces that resonate with the energy of the seasons. Drawing inspiration from spring, synonymous with renewal, offers a unique opportunity to infuse our spaces with renewed beauty and vitality which encourages us to also pursue new beginnings. By incorporating several of the methods described above, we can transform our spaces into welcoming sanctuaries with a consciousness for our surroundings and emerging design movements. This intentional approach not only enhances the visual appeal of our surroundings but also contributes to a positive and uplifting atmosphere that provides a dynamic backdrop to the chapters of our lives.

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