Nature Inspired Baths, You need to see

The bathroom is an important  area of the home…many activities that relate to sanitation, relaxation  and personal hygiene are performed there. Throughout history bathrooms had a spiritual and religious meanings , since bathing was a ritual and opportunity to take care of your body and mind

Bathrooms have evolved since then …Below are some of our favorite bathrooms with a new approach to design:

On the Sea-shore

Take a trip to the coast! This dramatic design allows for the ultimate tranquility while bathing…The stunning view of the coast and sound of waves  hitting the rocks elevates the sensation of bathing  to the ultimate relaxation….The minimal wooden design of the bathroom brings in the warmth of the outdoors and frames the unobstructed views

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Garden Retreat 

This striking nod of nature is combined with  earthy tones  of marble to accentuate charm and tranquility and intimacy..Imagine if you were able to  experience the relaxation of a  beautiful  garden while bathing…Loose yourself in the beauty of the plants and greenery…The ultimate retreat

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Rain-forest Sanctuary

Why bathe thinking of the forest when you can take a bath in the rain-forest?….The organic rock-like shape of the bathtub reinforces the perception of  the outdoor oasis and adds to the whole experience…Let your mind roam freely in the tropics; let bright flowers and birds surround your spirit…

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Underground River

Have you ever experienced an underground river?… Swimming through the cave…stones and pebbles shape a tunnel rushing you  towards the light…The contrast of the wood floor and the organically shaped bathtub reinforces the experience of the cave like ambiance… Serene and calming are two words that come to mind when describing this bathroom…
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Bonus Footage

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