How about some mid-century awe this season…Color anyone?

Summer is almost over but the colourful palettes associated with mid-century classic designs (as well as the designs themselves) are just the Right aesthetics for the Summer and Fall seasons…Browsing through our database we were able to find some of our favourite midcentury –inspired looks that you can incorporate in your own home to get the fun and Summery-Fall retro feel and vibe …

Home improvement

Mid-century Design is characterized by simplicity and integration of nature. Pastel colours and curves are some of the dominant characteristics of the style. The urchin blue sofa with wooden walnut frame and curved arms is a great example of Mid-century Design as well as the Ochre chairs;all bulky supports in furniture were eliminated during that time.
Living-Rooms14-easy-living-24jul13_pr_b                                                                         photo credit Home Improvement

Large ample windows were emphasized during this era. The need to bring the outdoor in was carried through all the design elements..Light is flooding through the interior spaces and the use of glass is replacing concrete walls …The style frequently employed in to residential projects with the purpose to bring modernism to Americas post-war suburbs…We recommend (since not everyone has large windows) to unclutter your windows, let the light flow

Cascorosso                                                                                             photo credit Cascorosso

Light wood Tones ,Beams and open Floor plans:
Opening up the spaces is one of the main characteristic of Mid-century modern design…The goal was to make the spaces feel as light as possible and bring people closer to nature. The use of post and beam architectural design was done with the intention to make the house airy allowing natural light to penetrate easier. The maple-white woods on the floor and ceiling accentuate just that adding warmth and elegance. Get rid of the carpets wood floors are beautiful bare

the nest1                                                                                                               photo credit the Nest

Improvement:The use of colour on rich fabrics or even painting walls became a trend and a strong element of mid-century classic design…This trend begun from post –war America .It was a way to cheer up, uplift peoples psychology , move back to normalcy and also… colours are found in nature…It was part of the healing process …Vibrant colors are known to change peoples psychosynthesis …and a red wall will bring energy and make you hungry!

These were just few tips on midcentury modern design and its fascinating colour palette…Are we ready to dazzle?





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