Experiencing the mysterious & luxurious Purple

Have you ever heard of “purple haze”? It has to do with an unexplained confusion …euphoria …Embrace it…Bring it to your designs , create;… let the passion take over….Associations of the color purple is royalty, extravagance, luxury, grandeur and a hint of mystery…Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red….It is noble

How Luxurious Purple looks like

Think Phantom of the Opera Drama meets Alice in Wonderland….Think of the many mind effects , the mystery, the uplifting spirits , nurturing tendencies and sensitivity, encouraged imagination and creativity…Modern elements merging with past …Magical effects…


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The light purple hues bring in the feminine energy and delicacy; evoking feelings of gloom and romanticism …a nostalgic constrain against the cold white

212 conceptHow Luxurious Purple feels like

A hint of purple in the home encourages imagination as well as adding a feeling of specialness and uniqueness


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The color of purple combines strong warm and strong cool…a graceful , feminine colour associated with refined fashionable women


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Lavender shades have a sacred place in nature, with lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers considered delicate and precious.


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Purple is an introspective color. It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. Choosing purple color will create a mood of individuality, mystery and fantasy…



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Luxurious purple design is a graceful and powerful way of expression..We are drawn to it and we are in love with its charm as well as its powerful contemporary backbone …It combines the dark and cool, bright and moody, delicate and fierce …a stunning design trend that allures in the world of style?


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