Furnishing A minimalist Home? Few tips that can help


One of  design magazines favorite subjects –seems will be around for a while – is designs of minimal homes…And by saying minimal homes I don’t mean empty or almost empty white apartments with high ceilings…but about the choice of  color , furnishings , art and details that  transform an empty space into Awe…


How you start

Have a reference… If you are seriously thinking to turn your home into a minimalist withdraw you probably have seen magazine or designers that have done outstanding work …This could be your starting point…See what you like , why you like it , what products are used, furniture ideas ,colours…See how it fits within the context you want to create and how it  can be applied  to your own space


Set the tone

By setting the tone I am referring  to the colours you are thinking to use …accent walls, details and overall the feel of the apartment…Identify the main features of your space …do you have large windows with a garden view?…any architectural elements such as structural beams or spiral staircases you want to emphasize?…is tranquillity and monochromatic palettes what you envision? …Narrow down the options to match the vision you have in mind


Picking out the furniture and art or better yet; furniture that is art!

In order to achieve the sleek elegant aesthetics you desire killing two birds with one stone can prove effective…Choosing furniture that are pieces of art can refine and simplify the home’s aesthetics and spaces…There are some great pieces created either by midcentury modern masters or new upcoming talented designers that work as both…Try to bring in the functionality , the humour , the artistic silhouettes …With a little research you will realize smart design and beauty is everywhere…


Finally start educating yourself online…see what’s out there ,as far as product and furniture…Simplicity can create some of the most beautiful results if is combined properly and effectively …On the other hand It can also look empty and monotonous if the right design elements don’t merge cohesively …Puting a fair effort usually returns good results.. good luck!


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  1. Home Furniture

    Thank you for posting this. I have plans on designing my living room with a minimalist style. This blog post gave me various ideas on how to achieve this style. I have contacted the retailer about the home furniture pieces that I want. They are exactly what minimal interior should look like – monochromatic tones with artistic pieces as you’ve said. I am excited to see how our living room will look like.

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