Showing your home some love by embracing change

Change is an intrinsic part of the human condition which we often associate to growth or innovation. When life falls prey to the claws of routine our first instinct is to seek some diversity through a process of reconstruction. What better way to do this than by transforming the very places we inhabit?
Today a mere space can undergo different stages of metamorphosis before evolving into a home without requiring you to succumb under the weight of responsibilities and confusing technicalities of design. If you want to know how this is possible, continue reading and discover the multiple ways of spicing up a seemingly ordinary interior.

  The unlimited power of accessories

A moment of silence to all the overlooked accessories whose transformative powers have been consistently underestimated. Small decorative pieces such as pillows, blankets and rugs can actually have a considerable impact on a room’s style. A simple panel bed can suddenly acquire a charming quality when paired with a soft afghan blanket and even the dimensions of rooms are prone to change while featuring colorful rugs to accentuate the feeling of coziness. Sometimes upgrading can be as simple as switching a worn out pillow which blends unceremoniously into the background for a singular leather cowhide pillow. Seasonal updates are also another means of evading the dullness of conventional habits; switching bedding according to the vibe and demands of seasons is a smart way of remaining in sync with your ever changing environment.


Nature as your design muse

Interiors are influenced by trends, functionality and aesthetics as much as they are by organic elements such as water, earth and wood. Look outside for inspiration and incorporate some green features into your space through an earthy color palette, natural lighting, indoor plants and wooden furniture. A modern room does not have to be restricted to sharp metal edges and glossy marble surfaces when it can easily harmonize with soft, raw and organic components. There are several ways of welcoming nature into your home other than by simply relying on houseplants for decoration. Nature is also present in beautiful artwork that can be used to reverse the dullness of walls and in classic furniture such as a solid wood and leather bar stool.


Celebrate contrasts

There is no better way to highlight an object’s originality than by positioning it amidst a neutral backdrop. Oftentimes, the uniqueness of remarkable pieces is lost in a tumultuous sea of erratic compositions. It would be a shame to allow one-of-a-kind furniture such as a stainless steel Solaris side table to go by unnoticed simply due to an inadequate arrangement. Contrasts between furniture and setting, therefore; strengthen a room’s character and they can be created by taking into account not only an object’s quality but also factors like color, size, and structure. You can combine classic white surfaces with golden or metal tones and even enhance a modern ambience with antique furniture without having to give up the contemporary approach to space. Likewise, don’t be afraid to experiment with proportions; an oversized piece such as a mirror or modern lamp can replace emptiness with unexpected grandeur. Simplicity and uniformity are safe options but when it comes to design, it is differences and unpredictability that deliver a powerful statement.


Retouch, discard and rearrange

These three simple procedures have the potential to revolutionize your home’s style and layout without demanding a considerable amount of effort. No house can go an indefinite amount of time without having its interiors receive some proper care and attention. Just think about it, if we constantly change our clothes then why not retouch furniture every once in a while? Reupholstering is always a viable option to freshen up an interior through the embellishment of the statement pieces that comprise it. The revival of old appliances whose usefulness has not yet expired is only one way to engage in smart and sustainable redecoration. Another means of embracing innovation by decluttering our home; by discarding the senseless objects which rest like silent spectators feeding off our space. Go minimalist or at least allow this modern trend to influence your attitude towards room decor and while engaging in this liberating process of renewal take advantage of the newfound space by rearranging your furniture. Play with the different possibilities at first and don’t limit yourself to the rules of symmetry; simply find the setup that corresponds the most with your lifestyle.


Enjoy the experience of discovering new shapes, colors and patterns by introducing a personal touch to your interiors. Since they reflect a person’s individuality then it only makes sense to keep them updated with the ongoing changes that influence our character. One does not always look at the world through the same, fixed gaze so what we consider beautiful today may not hold true tomorrow. Don’t wait until your environment becomes completely alien to you or even worse, mundane, when the option of renewal is just within reach. Take a look at your space and review all the qualities that attract you, if you find them lacking then you already know what to do.


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