15 Tips to Choosing a Sofa for Your Home

You do not think choosing a sofa for your home will be a choice you will need to ponder over for a long time. When you visit the store and see the array of sofas, you might get baffled, even if you had a particular style and design in mind. Sometimes, what you had in mind turns out not to work with the theme of the room. If you find that out after you have bought the sofa, that sofa will be a constant reminder of your bad choice. Worry not and just pay attention to the tips below to choose the right sofa for your home:

1. Choose a Comfortable Sofa

If you want to place a sofa  that you can stretch  on, choose a 90 inch long and 40 inch deep sofa.

2. Visualize the Sofa in the Room

Go hunting for a sofa that you want to buy, measure it, but don’t buy yet; cut out a pattern from paper in the exact same size of the sofa you intend to buy. Place it on the floor to see how it looks. If its looks good, buy it.

3. Create Tranquility with Solid Colors

You can create a peaceful environment by match the upholstery of your sofa with the color of the walls and curtains.

Colorado home explorer
source Colorado Home Explorer

4. How Feathery Should the Pillows and Cushions Be?

The perfect answer to your question is 20 percent feathers in sofa cushions and 100 percent feathers in decorative pillows.

5. Two Cushions or Three?

You should use three cushions if your sofa is 7 foot long and two cushions if your sofa is six foot long.

6. Choosing the Base of the Skirt

Place 1 3/4 inch trim at the base of the sofa’s skirt in a darker color than the sofa’s fabric; in a complementary texture.

source House Beautiful

7. Make More Room with Large and Flat Arms

When you have many guests and little room to accommodate all, having a sofa with larger and flat arms will come to use, as they can sit on it.

8. Go Big and Bold

Only choose patterns if you can live with them for most of your life. You will be looking at them every day and sometimes patterns such as floral and stripes can become nostalgic. If you want patterns, but you are not willing to the risk with the fabric, use patterned throw pillows or even a lounge chair.


9. Matching the Sofa with the Ceiling

For a room with 8 inch ceilings, you want to place a low sofa. This will give your guests the illusion of a taller ceiling. If you have high ceilings, choose a high back sofa to create a dominant presence in the room.

10. Don’t Use Velvet Welts

If you want to cover your sofa with velvet, do it without a welt, as they are not flattering . Alternatives to welt include cotton, linen cord, or another contrasting shade.

11. Don’t Overcrowd the Legs

If every sofa in the room has exposed legs, the room will not look appealing. By adding a few sofas with skirts , you will have room to introduce lighter furniture with exposed legs.

source Decorcology

12. The Mother’s Sofa

If you have little children running around here and there, you want a sofa that is well equipped to handle their presence. Choose a Bridgewater style sofa, as it does not require a lot of maintenance.

13. Placing a Sofa in a Room with a Fireplace

Do not put a sofa in front of the fireplace if the room  is too narrow. In doing so, you have just made the room more narrow.

source Homedsgn

14. How to Judge the Quality of the Sofa

You want to purchase a sturdy and well-manufactured sofa. In order to judge the sturdiness of the sofa, lift one of the legs of the sofa located in the front, 5 to 7 inches of the ground. If the other front leg lifts as well, the sofa is well built.

15. Buying Sofas Online

The formula for buying sofas online is to look for one with a collective seat height and depth of 40 to 44 inches. If the sofa is 16 inches in height and 24 inches in depth, add the dimensions together and the output will be 40 inches.Additionally, you can combine 20 inches in height and 24 inches in depth ; the output will be 44 inches. For a short-legged sofa, you want 40 inches ; for a long-legged sofa, you want 44 inches.

Now, you will never dwell upon your choice of sofa again because you will be making the right choice every time. Good luck!

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