Designer Jeffrey Lamb Experiments with Range of Spaces

Interior Designer Jeffrey Lamb offers a range of services for commercial and residential clients, but perhaps what is most exciting about his firm is its versatility. He can accomplish a cohesive, welcoming residential space with a handful of colors, or with an unlimited palette; in offices, he separates private and public spaces without harsh barriers.

For Aqua Miami Beach, a residential project, the Miami-based designer used a limited palette, with mostly greens, reds, black and creams, yellows, and blues. Modern furniture—low, upholstered chairs; heavy rectangular coffee tables, egg-chair-style seats with pedestal legs—is seen throughout the space.

 In Normany Isle, the designer combined two apartments to create a New York–style loft space. Windows provide views of the ocean and downtown Miami and a mix of materials and colors gives the room a cozy, livable feel. Lamb used Brazilian walnut, travertine marble, and wenge woodworking, providing textures that add both visual interest and comfort. Colors range from deep browns and reds to bright yellow and coral accents.  

Lamb also works with commercial clients, which requires entirely different palettes and materials to create the right feel. For Lincoln Road Office, home of a realty firm, Lamb created a quasi-open office space. Work areas are divided and enclosed, providing privacy for conversations between realtors and clients or among colleagues, but glass walls and doors allow rooms to feel more open, and allow natural light to flow from the windows through to the center of the office. He chose complementary colors blue and orange for accent walls and countertops. The furniture—all of which came from Knoll in a nod to mid-century offices—is equally bright, with orange stools and meeting room chairs, as well as some waiting chairs in more traditional brown tones.

 Lamb opened his Miami practice in 1998, after spending ten years as the owner of New York City’s Galileo, a high-end home-furnishing business. His previous experience has clearly given him an edge in choosing furniture and décor. He focuses on a space’s interior architecture and lighting—the aspects of a room he believes create the foundation for good design. And once those are set, it seems his expertise takes over to create comfortable, practical designs.

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