During your visit to the Furniture Store-things you need to know!

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It all seems soo  easy doesn’t it? Get in the car, drive to the nearest furniture store , purchase whatever it is you are looking for and back home….Right!…Once in a while it might work; most of the times is a huge Faux pas …and now you are dealing with returning furniture !… Buying furniture requires a lot of thought and attention to detail to get it right. The help of Decorators & Interior Designers can prove extremely valuable( and we highly recommend using one if you can );…. for the rest of you that are not design savvy and have to do it yourselves here are few design tips to consider before your trip to the closest furniture store:

Designwebi-measure your interiors first
1-Measure first!
When you are buying furniture you need dimensions!. Proportions is everything…You need to have correct measurements or even a simple floor plan sketched with dimensions of your space in order for the salespeople to help you. Most of the salespeople at the stores are design consultants that can guide you to the right direction to pick correct furniture pieces as well as accurate proportions that best fit your space …They can only do this though if you provide accurate information!
Meyers Davis
Penthouse by Meyer Davis in Miami
2-Think in terms of Visual composition
Making your space interesting and visually pleasing is your main goal…Visual composition is the arrangement of elements within a context that work together in order to create good aesthetics …designers know how to work miracles with Visual Composition, they can create Visual balance , unity, color coordination , tranquility etc…For the rest make sure you are matching materials and choosing compelling colors and textures…Taking couple of pictures of your home before you go to the furniture store is very useful as well, since you can get input from the designers regarding what works and what doesn’t ….Make sure to ask more than one consultant or better yet ask them all jointly!
3-Think in terms of function
This is the only thing nobody else can help you with, but you; Decide how you want to use your space; what is comfortable and important to you? What are the daily needs, how can you make your space functional as well as enjoyable on a daily basis….is comfort of utmost importance? Is aesthetics that count the most? How often do you use the space; does a small side table next to your sofa can make morning lounging effortless; a storage bed solves the limited storage flaws of the room , any need for an extendable dining table? … how about a coffee table that you can store most of your daily readings?
These are just few important things to consider but if you are a perfectionist like me it can get a bit more complex…One piece of advice I can give is- just try to enjoy the process and have fun with it!

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