No more white apartments please !

Anywhere you look it seems the theme is one in Miami Interiors ….WHITE!!! At the beginning it looked modern and different, thinking it’s a trend and like everything will likely fade away slowly…10 years later we are still doing the same plain white style Miami….Really???? …It seems every other apartment we see its Whiter than the previous one …What is going on???..If I see another white vinyl sofa combined with white leatherette chairs and a white table combo I will scream…Its like a bad joke around here… a white porcelain tile , white cabinets , vinyl white furniture,white carpets + curtains… don’t get it…What happened to creativity , Contrasting , Drama?
Here some information about white interiors:

grey interiors with velvet green sofas
By Pistoncars

White Patina

White paint is the cheapest paint in the market which is great for your pocket but then your home ends up looking cheap!…Go with sophisticated light beige’s and grays instead …or even darker tones to make it dramatic …there are some wallpaper options to die for -a bit more costly though

Sleek grey interiors and beige accents
By Home-designing

White on products

Most of White leatherette furniture look plasticky , cold and will start pealing like an orange faster than you think …A good contract-quality leatherette is usually expensive but very durable…The problem is most of the furniture stores are using by-cast leather(in order to keep the price down) …it will go bad a year down the purchase guarantee ! Also white by-cast looks really cheap It has a shine and lucks texture …If you do insist on white at least pick a nice upholstery with an interesting weave to add texture and a bit warmth

Theatrical interior design in Greens and greys
By Ramzy Alaa



If you think that white looks clean …think again! Your beautiful white tile will get filthy on the second use.. Don’t even consider getting a pet without purchasing a Rumba to clean behind it 24-7…The White furniture will start looking grayish the first 3 months-try to wipe them down with a cleaning product …let’s see what happens!

Deep grays and copper accents-dining room
By Yodezeen

White does Not maximize

Lastly if you are painting and using white for your small apartment to make it look bigger ? …I have news for you …its all a myth! Cooler dark colors make the room seem larger, darker walls make the ceiling appear higher, paint back wall dark and side walls light to make it look longer…

Consider some of these points while furnishing your home and lets progress to a new direction ….Deep , enigmatic and comforting should be replacing; …plain, cold and easy during this wave of new properties coming in the market… After all …the common goal is this stunning city called Miami to always remain at the forefront of design and high style !

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