Four things to remember when designing your dining room

Congratulations.…you found the perfect apartment , just moved in and excited to settle …You pulled out a list of things you need and you are ready to begin your research in creating the perfect pad …Only problem? …You don’t know where to start! …Well let me tell you…..This is the time to pull out a creative sleeve and think out of the box …. let imagination guide you!…Of all the rooms the dining room is where important moments are created… it’s simply the place that when it’s done right can set the mood …Use intuition while styling, understand what’s needed to be done to make it functional but also inviting, warm and trendy…Following are four basic ideas that can save you a lot of time ( and headaches) when implemented correctly

Timothy Godbold design
Timothy Godbold

Invest in a Timeless Dining Table
The dining table holds the largest space in the dining room so its wise to be your first stop….Personally I prefer Round or Oval tables; they feel more cozy and allow flow of space…They are also an excellent solution for adding few more chairs around when needed … There are designs that come with extendable wood leaflets and open as needed … Functionality is Keen here as well as aesthetics

Rees Roberts architects and design
Rees Roberts architects

Lighting is Important
Bring in the drama; make it magical ! Go large , larger that you thought you could and bring the light fixture as low as a foot above the table’s surface….Dim it for best results…Remember you are trying to achieve an inviting , soothing atmosphere you can lounge inn; nothing worst than a strong bright light right in your face…Invest in a dimmer folks! Another trick with the light is Painting your ceiling glossy(same color as the walls ;only shinier) this will reflect the light back creating a mystical effect

Kelly Behun Park avenue condo
Kelly Behun

Try to engage the surrounding space by adding details you love…It could be vases , accessories , art and also give personality … with a cozy rug! …. You want to achieve depth …Every area of your walls need to say a story , create movement ;… forcing the eye to go up and down in an effort to experience the space creates excitement ….P.S Flower arrangements in abundance always do the trick!

Timothy Godbold_Barclay dining room
Timothy Godbold_Barclay

Don’t Overdo it
Know your limits … Step back and experience the space …if you feel it is balanced, it probably is (you can always sense when something is too much) Few tips to watch ; if your dining table is sculptural go with a more simple linear type of a chair (and vice versa) , If you mix and match chairs make sure they are at least the same color; or a close one , never buy in bulk anything and always think practical… Ahh and also don’t overdo it with too much color, don’t make it look like a circus please… Voila!…few of the basic tips to create a vibrant , stylish eatery that you ‘ll enjoy for the years to come!

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