Ways to Transform Your Bedroom into a Hotel-Style Retreat

Set the Mood

Looking for a home-away-from-home feel? Close your eyes and imagine walking through a natural space in the early morning. Think of what you hear, smell and taste. A natural wood backing would bring a mix of organic and contemporary elements like the coffee table found in the living space at Beach House Bridgehampton. This piece is sure to make you want to walk around barefoot in luxury. 

modern interiors -Amy Lau
Beach House Bridgehampton – Amy Lau Design

Take a Seat

Prefer an edgier more intrepid look? “Hotel Zetta” in San Francisco has been styled as an “urban retreat”. The hotel lives up to that by providing an abundance of public areas to lounge, drink and play. Their contemporary stylized décor can be achieved by incorporating a tufted rich colored sofa or headboard. This look proposes a ‘work hard, play hard’ atmosphere.

Espace team - contemporary design
Espace team

Dress up your walls

This minimalist white strips bedroom wallpaper ignites a breath of freshness with those wood panels in this cool design apartment located in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. The wallpaper provides a chic modern edge style creating a continuous as degradation light of the window. Try dressing up your walls to enliven your space.

Terzopiano Design interiors
Terzopiano Design

A Dose of Picasso

Not feeling as adventurous with the paint bucket? Try adding a bit of pizazz with wall art. A triptych can add definition to a white-wash wall while a piece of vivid art transposes neutrals into a state of art.

Kate Dinon House design
The design file – Kate Dinon House


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