Creating Focal elements in your Living room

Many times we hear from customers this same question …. If I place this item here will it take away from my statement feature of the room? And I always answer since when are we limited to one statement piece in each room???…After years in the design industry I am here to tell you that there is no limit on how many statement features you can place in a space…On the contrary …You want several “Wows” instead of just one! …You want to force the eye to inspect every single corner of the space in search for the next big Wow!! …You want to bring in the excitement , tap on the curiosity and explore the unexpected ….There are always of course limits on how much you can do …but unless you try you will not find out….. Below are few tips on focal setups

Hubert Zandberg

Take the opportunity to elevate any architectural pieces your space includes …An ornate fireplace , off-center columns , out of the ordinary openings , unusual windows….Layer your focal elements with something large like a big mirror or a vibrant painting, complement the proportions with an oversize planter with a fiddle tree or a tall cactus ….you want to create a mixture of heights , keep the eye moving on a three dimensional level…

Paulina Arcklin modern design
Paulina Arcklin

Make your siting area a combination of different levels starting with your coffee table…Don’t use just one …Use few different, levels …Pick surfaces that complement each other , that add in textures, colors and shapes and can be used in different ways …Think in terms of comfort and function

Maren Baxter contemporary design
Maren Baxter

I love the use of interesting storage pieces that can provide as well an excellent opportunity for vignettes…Layer with a great lamp , a beautiful bucket or even contrast the wall to match or pop A wide mixture of textures and heights can create the ideal display arrangement and probably the most fascinating !

Mondrian Sideboard Bocadolobo modern design
Mondrian Sideboard Bocadolobo


  1. Nha dep

    Great tips!! You are right we don’t need to limit the statement feature in each room. Thanks for your blog and it’s inspiration.

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