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Feng Shui bedroom tips


Here are some Feng Shui bedroom tips.
* Ideally, the bedroom should be as far away as possible from the front door. * Chi flows between the door and any window, so avoid positioning your bed in the line of door and a window.
* Position your bed so that you can see the door from the place where you sleep. This gives you a deep sense of inner security.
* Place your bed far from the door, if it is possible,.
* Avoid sleeping with your head close to a window as your chi will dissipate through the window and you will feel more tired on awakening.
* Make sure you have a strong, stable headboard to help you protect your own chi while you are asleep.
* Make sure the bedside tables have rounded edges and not square to prevent cutting chi.
* Do not admit ceiling beams above the bed. They are a source of cutting chi. Some tips:
Paint the beams; drape fabric over the beams; hang bamboo flutes 2-3 inches below the beam to soften the load (the flutes are hung at a 45 degree angle to the beam with the mouthpiece downwards).
* Soft lighting is ideal. Avoid having ceiling lamps right directly over your bed.
* Pastel colors are ideal.
* Avoid sleeping with your image visible in a mirror. The worst variant of all is a mirror (TV/computer screen) at the foot of your bed.
* Place something beautiful that inspires you where you first look in the morning.
* Pay attention to what is under your bed. Keep the space clear.

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