The feng shui bedroom.

Have you ever walked into a room and it just didn’t feel right? Sure, everything looked like it belonged and was in its proper place. But for some reason something just didn’t look right.

The source of the problem may be in the room’s energy. For example, a bedroom should be a place of romance, rest and tranquility. But what do the colors, the accents and the arrangement of the furniture really convey?

The art of proper placement of bedroom furniture is an age-old concept. The Chinese perfected the practice, believing that our surroundings are affected by Chi, or energy. By properly applying “feng shui”, you could direct this energy and use it to achieve health and harmony with your surroundings.

Feng shui begins at the door and extends to every corner of the room. For example, your door should be able to open 90 degrees at least. Nothing should be allowed to prevent this, since it is restrictive and places a limit on opportunities that may come into your life. Many feng shui masters also recommend placing a key object – artwork, a piece of bedroom furniture, etc. – across the room from the door so you have a positive emotional response the moment you enter the room.

As you redecorate, remember that the arrangement of your bedroom furniture can also affect the energy. You want to place the bed where you can see the door but you don’t want your feet pointing toward it. This is the ancient position of death in China. There should be no sharp corners facing you while you’re in bed.

Colors are also important, including the fabrics you choose for your bedroom furniture. You don’t want to use reds or golds. Instead, you want relaxing colors, such as green (improves health and balance), blue (prosperity), yellow (happy gatherings) and white (creativity).

Above all, avoid clutter. Clutter is the antithesis of feng shui and creates blockages. This includes getting rid of any unnecessary bedroom furniture, accents or décor in the room that may make it look crowded or cluttered. You can do this a little at a time. As you begin to adopt a feng shui look, certain items will start to look out of place or create a sense of uneasiness or a lack of balance. When that happens, simply remove the item from the room and see if the energy improves.


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