Contemporary vibes in Earthy tones

Contemporary vibes in Earthy tones

Creating  an elegant space is always challenging especially when you are trying to achieve  a cohesive atmosphere throughout the house…

Contemporary Living Furniture
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Living room
As a first rule stick to  simple earthy pallets that are easy to combine… You can mix and match design styles as long as they are alike in  tones… Make sure you integrate as many different textures possible as long as they are within the same color/tone scheme

Details of Contemporary furniture design
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Try to bring in reflective surfaces that complement your theme… Dark Woods look great with gold, beige accents… A mirror creates the impression  of a larger space and ties all the different elements together

Contemporary Dining room Furniture
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Dining room
Try to be creative… that could even be  with designs you might not like… A square plain table might look stunning with the correct dining chairs and a groovy  pendant  fixture… Don’t be afraid to experiment  you might  discover little trends

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture
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A contrast of fabric paneling and matching paint makes the room… Used mostly in bedrooms this technique adds warmth and comfort… Look at the beautiful combination of leather, wood and patterned curtain fabric coming together brilliantly… All in the same tones but with an element of distinction

Foyer Contemporary style
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Adding  a bold design that is out of your comfort level might actually prove to be a genial idea… Look how the texture of the mirror creates the element of surprise in this rather symmetric setup

Contemporary Bathroom Furniture
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The bathrooms are usually small spaces but we do like them luxurious…Mirrors are a main feature of the bathroom… The way that everything is centered here using proportions to create a harmonious place is well integrated… Notice how  linear surfaces interact with each other to create balance.

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