Can not get enough of Black & white?

black and white decor
Via Homestethics

I Love when I see high contrast interiors put together tastefully… Combining a clean line, white custom sofa tailored to your space’s dimensions  could prove to be the best thing you could do… Take a look how this is combined with  main color(white ) to be the predominant and black accents  such as pillows, coffee tables, linear dining table… are placed in space… Love the touch of light beige brought in with the paintings to break it up a bit …Always remember less is more avoid heavily accessorizing a space

via Dcruz

One of my favorite combinations that are not hard to achieve actually… You just need a good collection of photography or artwork you can display… What I like about this dining set is how lite it feels, the chairs are minimal and airy, the table simple geometric and reflective and then you have the great wall in black and white art work… Notice the dining table is not black; it brings a  hint of chocolate brown , as well as the fur on the dining chairs; adding a texture in the setting… what completes the interiors is the sculptural accessories (candle holders)… I like to refer to the accessories as the “kiss”… the final touch!

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Bringing grey in at least one of the bedroom could be a good thing since you don’t want your entire home to look monotonous… Grey  is a combination of Black & White therefore in the same family… When you use it in a black and white context try to keep it lighter so it is not an outlier from the rest of the house… Love the reflective surfaces in this  bedroom as well as lightness of the furniture; nightstands, ottomans etc… Notice how the tufted headboard adds texture to  the wall… Black is brought in by pillows and accessory items that hint a harmonious continuation with the rest of the house

Via Dcruz

A Grey minimal concrete slab contrasts brilliantly the white tiled wall…An earthy  round sink adds an element of finesse… Love the round mirror with the grey metal trim!…I feel  bathrooms need round objects in order to break away from the boxy small proportions as well as center the space

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