10 bedrooms to inspire your dreams

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Statistics show reveal that the average person spends 11 hours per day in their bedroom; in a lifetime this amounts to 36 years. This is the space that accompanies us through all our phases, the good times, and the bad ones. Like us, they are also subject to change and more than any other section of our home, bedrooms are direct reflections of our growing and multifaceted personalities. The examples we have gathered today illustrate upcoming trends you can seek inspiration from to create an exceptional space that represents you best.

Chris Shao Studio

Earth based

The first bedroom we present by Nidia Duarte Arquitectura takes this concept on a whole new level as it removes the boundaries between the exterior and the interior. The greenery that lies one step away from the bed serves as the background for this space, reducing the need to overstuff the bedroom. In this case nature itself is the decorative aspect that harmonizes with the minimalist décor. 

Nidia Duarte Arquitectura

The recurrent use of soft tones like brown and white creates a uniform and straightforward effect. Despite the lack of visual distractions and lavish adornments, the austerity in this space creates as much impact as a room full of colors. 

Nidia Duarte Arquitectura


In many cases we tend to associate the word ‘monochrome’ to a lack of contrasts and a limited color pallet. Even though it is true that a monochrome interior exhibits a minimal combination of colors, this does not mean that it excludes different pairings of shading. 

Heju Studio

In the case of this Heju Studio bedroom we can see how variety is very much alive in this space through the selection of different fabrics, textures and materials. While retaining its white theme, this bedroom introduces diversity by arranging together different sizes of modern lighting fixtures, an upholstered headboard combined with a wooden bed frame, and matching colored doors with arched tops.  While the composition is based on a single base color -white- its designers approached this challenge by looking at other aspects that are often overlooked when we think about ways of decorating our bedrooms.

Heju Studio


The past provides us not only with prized mementos but also inspiration for the present. Throughout history there have been many striking and revolutionary approaches to art and design that continue to make a statement in our homes today.  

Anna Erman

An example of this is the bedroom by Anna Erman which incorporates 18th century English’s and 19th century French country style of furniture. The elaborate wooden designs and the warmth radiated by the painted portraits hanging on the wall transport us to a past when handwritten letters were still in use and there was no TV to distract people.

Anna Erman

However, recognizing the commodities that modernity provided us, this bedroom leans towards a more neoclassical style. This implies that the interior retains contemporary elements of design such as minimalist stools or vanity stand, and kaleidoscopic side table that create a beautiful dialogue with the classical furniture. 

Anna Erman

Gallery style

Some bedrooms place emphasis on color and others in the furniture designs. In the case of this bedroom by Vincenzo de Cotiis, the details lie within the different styles of artwork that are responsible for giving this space it’s unique and bewitching quality. 

Vincenzo de Cotiis

The classic mural that expands across the ceiling is reminiscent of the romanticism-themed paintings adorning classic Italian villas. The dark green and blue tones that form the setting for the young angels hovering directly above the bed are perfectly aligned with the black bench and golden accents adorning the room. This arrangement of colors and styles is challenged with a refreshing twist by incorporating modern multicolored paintings featuring a geometric pattern. 

Vincenzo de Cotiis

Embracing bold colors

As discussed in the previous sections, some interiors pursue beauty through simplicity, form, or art. In the case of the bedroom designed by Giacomo Totti, the approach selected to create a bold impact holds in high regard the transformative use of color.

Giacomo Tottti

Deep blue hues swallow the crimson bed and remind us of a solitary boat drifting in the ocean. In contrast with the denseness of these colors a towering wall of lime green hovers above the bed. Its surface is completely saturated by a hypnotic pattern of palms that transport us to the center of a tropical forest. Against this bold backdrop, the dainty modern bedside table and lamps are just visible enough to appreciate their matching gold features. 

Giacomo Totti

Immersed in Gold

Historically, gold has been held in high regard from the moment ancient civilisations decided to adorn their chiefs and pharaohs with it. Nowadays its hypnotic glow continues to attract us. However, there are many ways of capturing this warm brightness and glamour without having to cover every surface in gold. 

Hugo Toro

As shown in Hugo Toro’s design, one way to avoid the overwhelming weight and distraction provided by this material is to capture its unique hue by pairing lighting and color. What this particular bedroom displays is the crafty way that the golden hour has been encapsulated with it it’s four walls by using minimal decorations and shades. By pairing a single circular golden pendant with light wooden doors, creamy white walls and mustard yellow bedding, the effect is complete. Observe how light enfolds the four walls and replicates the same luminosity as gold. 

Hugo Toro


Geometric interiors such as this bedroom by Fabrice Juan know how to embrace the clean and straightforward elegance of sharp angles. With such designs, every form complements another so that the overall composition fits together like a puzzle. On the one hand, the delicate gold squares that decorate the wall behind the bed establish the main theme of this bedroom. A similar pattern is recreated in the bench with dual colors that come together in a rectangular version of ying and yang. 

Fabrice Juan

To complete this sequence, even the decorations and furniture such as the bed, the side tables, dresser and lamps reinforce the rectangular and square formation that aligns this room. 

Fabrice Juan


Sarah Sherman’s retreat-style of bedroom design focused on texture, clarity and on maintaining a link with the exterior. The open layout is formed by floor to ceiling glass doors that separate de interior from the greenery outside with the sole use of white curtains. Both the sense of spaciousness and brightness that results from this design, supply a sense of tranquility that is also found in spa retreats and cabins. In addition, this peaceful sensation is also captured in the soft textures that cover the eggshell colored rug, upholstered bed and the matching wall decoration. Just one look at this welcoming space makes us want to sigh from the comfort it radiates. 

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Layered textures 

The shifting surfaces we observe in the Kennedy Nolan bedroom design are tempting us to run our fingers through them. Like the uneven and alluring bark of a tree, the wooden wall panelling consists of numerous vertical slats that seem to extend endlessly towards the ceiling. The same pattern can be observed in the stripped texture of the white lamp that hangs above the bed and the dark wood side table. These textures serve to guide our gaze to specific components of the bedroom such as the bed and the bench placed in front of it. As the two items that break away from the base texture, their smooth surface creates a focal point upon which to rest our eyes. As a last factor, the beige carpeted floor ties all of these components together in a smooth design combining different fabrics and surfaces. 

Kennedy Nolan


 This type of interior decor is a trademark of modern design that has been mentioned in countless of magazines. Transforming this genre into a more personal and distinctive approach is a challenge; one that 2Michaels Design has masterfully undertaken. The studio’s bedroom design that we see below diverges from the traditional industrial style and reinterprets it to fit a bright, soft and minimalist interior. On the one hand, the bedroom retains the classic brick wall, extensive windows with dark railing and uncluttered view of space that characterises industrial decor. However, it also adds a twist with the significant amount of wooden elements such as the minimalist chair, a fan hovering over the bed, and the dark dresser. Lastly, the choice of white as a base color to be exhibited through the oversized painting, side tables and in the bed itself is an innovative move from the designer’s part.

2Michaels Design

Out of these ten bedroom designs we have presented today, which one speaks to you the most? 

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