An inspirational interior design in a loft apartment in New York, Ny

This New York city , 600sqft spectacle of interior design is the work of one of my favorite New York architectural firms; WORKac. Like many New Yorkers this family of 4 what  had in mind, other than a high end luxurious and comfortable living; is entertainment.They were interested in a unique space that will embrace  diversity of materials, use of transparency and volume along with an element of surprise and  imagination. And this is exactly what  they got. The main concept of the loft was to be able to divide the different events and functions of daily life of the long loft space into a series of pedestrian experiences. The function of the apartment was separated to the public spaces to the front and private to the sides .

To experience the several programs and  spaces  the use of different materials,  floor heights and drop ceilings was incorporated in the design creating, a unique interior transformation . The program consists of a living room in the front of the apartment in a minimalist outlook; glass ceilings; mostly black and white with a touch of color. The focal element of the white wall are the black and white photographs and frames . A red sofa and a column wrapped in seating are used as sculptural elements in the subtle interior  space. The tones are kept in white and lite grays allowing  transparency and light to flow. A bamboo Shaker box is elevated.A line of Japanese style tables, can be elevated according to the needs of the occupants . The Bamboo Shack is mainly used for storage but makes an architectural statement in the space. A centralized kitchen area follows with a large dining table painted in plum tones.  The polished concrete floor and the kitchen wall behind the sink and bar beautifully carry the plum in the space… Curved walls and floors consist the media room  adjacent to the kitchen; making a comfortable transition and additional seating for  family get together.This New York apartment was able to challenge the limitation of space of a preexisting outdated space to create a progressive concept and an interior marvel. Talented designers such as WORKac are the solution to the many outdated New York properties and interiors…



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