Interiors we crave for this winter

Winter means something different to each of us, maybe you imagine it as a cozy cabin, falling snow, and a warm fireplace. Someone else might associate this cold season with harsh snowfall, icy mornings, and slippery roads. What if we could find a way to reconcile with this season and make the most out of it by turning it into an aesthetic ideal for our own homes? 

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Winter-inspired interiors possess a warm, captivating charm that is unique to the cold weather as it elicits feelings of coziness and togetherness. Such interiors, as we will see in the upcoming section, often feature tactile elements such as plush, textured fabrics, earthy tones and rich colors, natural decor, and soft lighting to create an inviting atmosphere. The goal here is to take the opportunity that winter provides to turn our homes into welcoming sanctuaries that embrace the essence of the season instead of rejecting the design inspiration it provides. For this reason, we have selected five interiors that perfectly align an indoor space with the seasonal ambience by following their own expressive style. 

Hannes Peer

Forest Hill: the magic of texture

MT Home took the challenging and creative approach to designing this modern, fashionable home while using a concrete color palette of clear white and beige tones. By limiting the visual aesthetic to one section of the color spectrum, we can discover how many tones can actually inhabit within it. In this case, even white becomes its own rainbow as we observe it in the pastel walls, patterned marble frames, light wooden furniture, and textured upholstery. Just as snow can have various names and forms if we are open to observe its different shades, every tone can also hose within it a world of colors.  

MT Home

Moreover, this fashionable and color minimalist method demands that we focus our attention on another aspect of design: texture. We can find variety in color, form, and perception of an object through the different textures that are layered within a room. This bedroom, for example, shows the dynamic interplay between the patterned oversized rug, and the smooth bed linens. This contrast is something we also observe between the lush throw pillows, and the sturdy wooden elements that form part of the furniture and room accents. Thanks to this mixture of textures, the interior can bring the warmth from various elements and elicit our sensorial experience to create a more engaging connection with this private environment. 

MT Home

Swedish charm beyond minimalist design

Halleroed breaks the stereotype of the typical Scandinavian home focused primarily on functionality and on limiting the distracting presence of decor. Instead, the designer incorporates the natural elements of the Nordic climate and endows them with a contemporary and chic character. Wooden furniture takes on curved and unusual shapes that give each piece its own history and originality. Paired with modern artistic displays such as abstract paintings and polychrome decor, the furniture also becomes a part of the artwork in order to depict the symbiosis between art and design.


At the same time, to create an interior where the furnishings and decor can pop out and express their singular charm, the surroundings adopt a more neutral stance with creamy white walls and bright white rugs that remind us of the wintery feeling outdoors. Nonetheless, these cold tones are counterbalanced by the naturally golden hues in wooden elements and the deep, rich tones of the sofa and surrounding elements. Rather than creating a traditional Swedish cabin feel, this home ventures into the experimental and fashionable side of contemporary design. 


The intellectual appeal of a cultured interior

Beauty can be fashion and art but it can also be knowledge and experience. In the case of this Connecticut home by Studio Giancarlo Valle, all of these aspects combine to create a multidimensional space that we wish we could reside in this winter. The leather lounge chair, wooden surrounding, and wide bookshelves thriving with knowledge and a curated ceramic display, create the perfect atmosphere for introspection and study. 

Studio Giancarlo Valle

As further inspiration for our winter escape, this home also emphasizes a wellness-inspired approach in its bathroom design. With pastel colors and a direct view of the greenery outside, this room is basked in a serene ambiance that allows its residents to fully relax in the warmth of this simple, yet spacious bathtub. The unexpected addition of upholstered lounge chairs is a smart move which recognizes how a bathroom can encourage people to focus more on health and pleasure through some extra well-deserved pampering. With such well-thought layouts it is difficult to decide which room tops as the best hiding spot from the cold. 

Studio Giancarlo Valle

A fashionable shelter from winter in the Alps

Pierre Yovanovitch comes to the rescue in this winter climate by creating a modern cabin that defies all ordinary conceptions we might have about cozy mountain escapes. In fact, a word that resonates more strongly than warmth in this interior, is luxury. The high ceilings, abundant use of wood and tile, and the focus on quality furniture, is a key aspect that identifies this home as an example of innovative design. Nothing about this interior is traditional or ordinary. Between irregular architectural angles, sweeping views of the forest, and sleek contemporary furniture, this residence stands out from other winter retreats.

Pierre Yovanovitch

Observe how designer Yovanovitch turned all available spaces in this home into practical galleries for guests to admire the unique lighting, furniture, and decor. In fact, we can even notice the distinctive character of the interior through its mixed color patterns, ranging from a minimalist white against wooden accents, to a sensual coral pink with golden tones and red cushions. If you are looking for a design that not only embraces the winter aesthetic but reimagines it into a new concept, then this is where you can seek inspiration from. 

Pierre Yovanovitch

The natural appeal of winter

What is more symbolic for this season than a stone fireplace against a green, natural backdrop. Simone Haag takes this theme into the Red Crest house and gives it a modern twist. In this interior we can observe the classic ruggedness of cabin decor incorporating natural elements such as rough stone layouts, wooden ceilings, and an earthy color palette. However, the unique aspect of this design is that it combines these raw elements with the curved lines and layered textures of modern decor.

Simone Haag

To counterbalance the toughness of the stone walls and the deep forest-aesthetic, the interior arrangement also features chic boho elements with the addition of indoor tropical plants, rattan furniture, and accent lighting. These summary-references we find in the beach-like decor help create a sense of warmth linked to memory and personal association. Just like the stone fireplace and rugs signal a winter-based look, the more casual and light textures create a cozy, laid-back style. 

Simone Haag

Appreciating the winter aesthetic

The modern interiors we have mentioned today, exemplify the various directions you can take while crafting a winter-inspired interior. Ultimately this approach is all about blending cozy materials and colors and evocative elements that tap into the sensory experience we associate with this season. By exploring the creative and unexpected ways of combining textures, colors, natural accents, and lighting, we can create winter-inspired interiors that captivate and soothe us. Let’s embrace the unique allure of the season by reconnecting our homes with nature and our warmest of memories. 

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