Achieving our resolutions with supportive interiors

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Adhering to the New Year’s resolutions is never easy, however if we want this coming stage of our lives to be different, we must also think differently and keep going forward with our goals. Therefore, we propose a new outlook to keeping track of your resolutions by paying attention to your interior design. Taking this perspective into account is crucial as our physical surroundings significantly influence our behaviours and mindset. A thoughtful design that reflects our aspirations can act as a catalyst for achieving one’s goals by reinforcing commitment and creating environments conductive to success. Let your home be a daily reminder of what you want to accomplish this year and find courage in your surroundings to never falter as you direct your life in the direction your choose.

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Naturally, every individual has a different purpose and goal orientation; to describe a single interior design that suits all would be unrealistic. Therefore, what we have done today is break down the most general aspects which resolutions lean towards, thus coming up with the following six main focus areas of our New Year’s aspirations and the qualities of interiors that would suit them.

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Family-oriented focus

If you are leaning towards more family-oriented goals this year; whether it is making more time for your loved ones, reuniting with distant relatives, or creating special and heartfelt memories, then the best place to start is at home. A family-friendly environment that emphasizes quality time in comfort, cozy spaces for bonding and conversations, and a private mood with ambience lighting, can make all the difference in our daily interactions at home. For example, by offering ample, plush seating we are creating more opportunities for family gatherings and comforting movie nights, while using large dinning tables can also help accommodate family dinners for any occasion. At the same time, we cannot forget the practical aspect of accommodating a family at home by creating a well-prepared environment with multipurpose storage such as cabinets or ottomans to keep your interiors organized.

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Love and romance

Before we jump to the bedroom, let’s first stop for a minute at the living room which will become a conductive element for our love-life. For this to be effective, we need as a main feature the use of intimate seating areas such as accent chairs with smooth and inviting upholstery and loveseats that naturally direct our guests to feel comfortable taking a rest in them. Next comes the lighting, a dim switch or lamps with soft tones in particular are an indispensable aspect for romantic ambiences that rely on the privacy of shadows and just enough light to longingly stare into our lover’s eyes. With these aspects complete, we can move on to the bedroom, where the feeling of coyness and indulgence is enhanced with the addition of plush throws and pillows that reflect our appreciation for luxury and comfort. Moreover, what better way to enhance this multi-sensory experience than by making your bed the centerpiece of this interior with extravagant or sensual designs (or both) such as a canopy, four-poster, or tufted bed.

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Improved business and productivity

Not all goals are related to love or family; for the more practical minds and challenge-driven individuals, we can also observe how a business and productivity-oriented goal can be taken into account through interior design. Improving these aspects actually starts from home, not the office or outdoors; and to do this we need ergonomic furniture, strategic room layout, and a calming aesthetic that fosters focus, creativity, and efficiency. For example, think about the usefulness of organizational furniture such as shelves, filing cabinets, and organizers to keep workspaces tidy, or adopting an overall minimalist design that removes distractions from the get-go. In this case, lighting also plays a crucial role in enhancing productivity; especially task or natural lighting which reduce eye-strain so you can concentrate your effort on your work assignments.

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Wellness and health

Any future plans, goals, or aspirations can only be accomplished in good health; therefore, for those who prioritize wellness this year there is also a home-décor approach to help you keep in track with your healthy resolutions. Before buying new health-products or workout equipment, it’s important to liberate space at home where you can comfortably practice some meditation, yoga or exercising with comfy floor cushions, mats, and calming décor to fall into a more self-aware state of mind. Next, let’s focus on mental health and what better way of doing so than by recognizing and emphasizing our inherent relationship with nature. Incorporating indoor plants and natural materials bring us closer to the outside environment that nurtures us every day with its products.

Financial success and prosperity

Prosperity and financial security means peace of mind, the emphasis of comfort, and more importantly, extra ‘me-time’. One way of manifesting this goal for the coming year is to create a space that embodies it. For example, invest in durable, timeless pieces that will last long while remaining in-style and ensuring your interior does not become outdated. These designs can include tailored-made pieces that fit the space your create perfectly such as customized dining chair sets with dark upholstery or even a solid walnut or maple coffee table. Use your furniture to reflect the success you hope to attain, so every time you gaze at that statement sofa and lounge chair you will be met not only with an example of high-end but also your own aspirations for the future.

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Personal growth and learning

With a little introspection we can unavoidably come to the conclusion that there is always more we can learn no matter the age. Thus, for those who are dedicating this year to their own growth as more conscious or well-rounded individuals, we recommend adjusting your interiors according to your new endeavours or hobbies. This implies investing in some ergonomic chairs with ample cushioning, sturdy back support, and padded armrests for an extra pleasing aesthetic touch. If you plan on using this new addition as part of your reading or study-place, then go all in and add some good lighting, multipurpose furniture that adapts to your changing needs, and bookshelves to reinforce your intention. For a more clear approach you can even turn your favorite motivational quotes, artwork or mementos into decorative elements that inspire you while embellishing your interior.

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Adhering to our resolutions

The design options we have mentioned today cater to different aspects of life and aspirations to create environments that support your goals and lifestyle changes. By shaping your surroundings to support the positive habits that will guide you to your ultimate goal, you can discover how much smoother this journey of self-improvement can be. Finally, well designed spaces will unavoidably lead to positive impacts by providing organized and functional areas, creating serene and comfortable zones, and redirecting your attitude and mood to a more positive and supportive direction.

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