The liberating beauty of soft and squiggly interiors

In our everyday lives we encounter rules, boxes, and squares that mark a sharp limit between the places we can go and the standards that people follow. However, in life there are also flexible spaces where one can be free to express one’s self and to experiment with the unexpected. To celebrate these spaces, today we dedicate this piece to squiggly and soft designs. This modern approach embellishes interiors with a whimsical and playful atmosphere by emphasizing the use of curvilinear shapes, organic forms, and soft textures. 

Heju Studio

By incorporating elements such as rounded furniture, sinuous lines, flowing patterns, and tactile materials, this style of design adds a sense of joy, creativity and imagination to interiors. The expressiveness we find outside sharp corners and straight angles evokes a youthful wonder and creates an inviting space where people can be free to nurture their unique vision. 

Heju Studio

Furnishing soft and squiggly interiors

The furniture you will encounter in this type of interior design is all about expressing fluidity through curvaceous silhouettes. Imagine sofas with gently undulating lines, rounded tables, and chairs with undefined shapes- like elements that have passed through the world of a Dali painting. 

Chango & Co.

In addition, soft and squiggly designs also incorporate poufs, ottomans, shelves and accent furniture with irregular silhouettes, unique patterns, and plush materials like velvet that add a touch of intrigue to a room. Curved and organic shelving units, for example, can either be wall-mounted or free standing and create a functional storage space while also becoming an aesthetic object. Likewise, accent furniture can be both functional and artistic when we imagine the effect created by placing sculptural chairs, unique side tables, or whimsical cabinets as focal points in each room.

Nina Maya Interiors

The soft textures that envelop squiggly design

Seeing as soft and squiggly interior design aims to create comforting and inviting ambiences, the use of textiles is indispensable. On the one hand the element of warmth is crafted through plush cushions, fluffy rugs, and draped fabrics. In addition, upholstered furniture with soft textures such as velvet or faux fur incorporate a visual and tactile intrigue that is impossible to resist.


On the other hand, this design also relies on a whimsical appeal which utilizes sheer and flowing fabrics that add a sense of lightheartedness and fluidity to spaces. In addition, the soft and squiggly aesthetic is also rooted to sturdier features such as accessories with stimulating textures and ceramic tiles that can be used for flooring or as decorative elements. Imagine for example, a neutral living room enhanced by a pair of decorative pillows with ruffles, woven baskets to hold knitted blankets for chilly nights, and ceramic vases with intricate surfaces to line your shelves. With such tactile elements one cannot hold back the urge to discover and compare for ourselves if the feeling of these textures matches what we imagine while admiring them.

Sissy + Marley

The colors that defy straight lines 

One can immediately spot the characteristic colors of squiggly interior design amidst a pastel color palette. The soft mutter hues of light pink, mint green, baby blue, lavender, or buttery yellow provide various color combinations and the versatility to step outside the conventional tones used for interiors. In this approach to design, even neutrals come with a twist through variations of beige, cream or grey with a hint of warm undertones or pastels to add depth and unpredictability to a design.

Murs et Merveilles

Colors however, not only offer a creative outlet for our imagination but they also influence our mood and the ambience of a room. For this reason a monochromatic scheme within a limited range of hues is also used in squiggly interiors aiming to create a harmonious and cohesive look. Using a single color such as blue or white allows us to explore the different shades that exist within it and to display them proudly in our interiors. Otherwise, one can also turn towards a nature-based palette to create the same relaxing and grounded effect with a natural and organic feeling. Earthy tones like soft greens, sandy beiges, deep browns or soft grays have an unquestionable capacity to soothe any view. 

Chango & Co.

Wrapping up

Recognizing that innovation means taking a step way from strict lines and established forms, we dedicated this piece to a soft and squiggly design approach that knows no limits beyond our imagination. It allows experimenting with unconventional shapes, colors and patterns that reflect our ever changing and dynamic personalities and tastes. The result is bound to be unique, lighthearted, and sweet; everything one aspires for when daring to step outside the limits of traditional design. 

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