A++ green design standards

“The need to conform and anticipate present and future regulations relative to sustainability, call for the creation of a new standard of design…” – A++

In line with the increasingly predominant sustainability standards of today’s society, the A++ architecture and interior design firm introduces its own philosophy in the development of green, eco-friendly spaces catered to people’s individual needs. Among the varied end-products, we can find some examples of this approach in the A++ interiors of Miami’s Roca Hotel, the Suite Dom Perignon at Cancun’s Hotel ME and Congo’s Hotel Pointe Noire. All of these spaces embody the firm’s guiding principle based on the development of humane spaces: context-based designs that incorporate quality and aesthetics to serve clients’ expectations and environmental prerequisites.

a2plus.green Al Gurum private villa

About the A++ philosophy

The international A++ firm communicates through its work a holistic vision of architecture and design emphasizing the unique needs and behaviors of the final subject- the person who will experience reality through the end product. In this case, the ultimate goal of design is not merely commercial or functional but also communicative since it is acknowledged as a transformative process that is continuously shaped by users’ interactions with the world and its influence in designer’s imagination. This philosophy is paired with the intent of minimizing our use of energy and impact on the environment through efficient and sustainable design procedures forwarded by already available on-site technologies and resources.


Roca Hotel interiors

This boutique hotel rests among the residential buildings within Miami Beach like a private treasure lair exhibiting an arrangement of precious stones. The onyx, emerald and quartz motifs glisten across the intimate interiors designed by the internationally recognized designers, Carlo Colombo and Paolo Colombo. Their unique work spans from working on the Hong Kong Louvre Gallery (Carlo) to the Donna Towers Marina in Dubai (Paolo). This duo’s collaboration in the recent project at Roca hotel brings forth a complex amalgam of distinct characteristics that merge together to form the interior of this hotel.


Each room features its own personality comprised of particular colors, materials and Italian furnishings paired with warm lighting that gives off the impression of entering a modern multi-sensory cavern. The design itself adds to the natural allure by incorporating water, vibrant greenery and open layouts from where tropical natural melodies can seep through. Instead of existing as a unit detached from its surroundings, the Roca hotel melds into the organic environment and welcomes its treasures in the contemporary interiors. This is the logic behind conscious design- work that evolves in symbiosis with the environment and not at its expense. 


Hotel ME- Suite Dom Perignon

The design for the Dom Perignon Suite at Cancun’s Hotel ME falls in line with the reusability principle: a service’s functionality that extends beyond its initial capabilities and serves for further uses in the future. The project itself consists of the renovation of the existing building; making use of the groundwork that has already been laid out and extending the structure to provide space for extra rooms. In addition to this, a considerable part of the building’s surface is dedicated to a seductive landscaping including tropical vines hanging over the walls like vivid curtains and lush grass covering every available space. This is the beauty of organic spaces built in tune with their surroundings.


The encompassing design for the interiors rests upon a pastel color scheme that coincides with the blue shades of Cancun’s ocean and the flour-white tone of the sand that is unique to this landscape. Within the calming atmosphere created by this color combination, one can also find natural materials such as marble and wood that incorporate a modern and elegant allure. Suites like ‘Dom Perignon’, stand out from the original composition with their luxury themed interiors crafted through black and white contrasts with metal accessories that replicate the sophisticated atmosphere of classic European salons.


Hotel Pointe Noire

 Congo’s Hotel Pointe Noire is the epitome of contemporary design- merging art, sustainable techniques and luxury to create a modern configuration of varied shapes that meld together perfectly. The energy of its interiors is efficiently used and developed through the use of renewable sources, an open layout, and carefully selected materials that meet the requirements of the local climate without harming the environment. 


For the interiors, earth tones and soft lighting are used to create a warm and private atmosphere, enhanced by the introduction of light wooden finishes and majestic plant life. The modern minimalist furniture is in turn paired with smooth soft textures that rely on the beauty of simplicity and high quality. What makes this calming composition stand out is the unexpected arrangement of decorative lines converging at high angles from which circular shapes take over the main stage. In this manner, the artistic angle of the interiors is highlighted through the original and sumptuous ceiling lamps, humanoid statues and matching pottery that line the walls of common rooms. 


The overarching idea

As more buildings adopt a sustainable approach to design, cities themselves will begin to see the changes in people’s relationship with the environment, the evolution of green lifestyles and a conscientious way of seeking beauty. The A++ ecological standards show us how the luxury of modern spaces can be enhanced by a more holistic and human design that communicates interiors and their owners with the world around them. 

“Green building is smart building. Aside from their obvious benefit to the environment, green buildings are more comfortable, healthier, return higher productivity rates, have higher resale values and produce financial savings.” – A++

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