The modern trinity of interior design

Miami’s streets are laced with a thrilling contemporary appeal that is unique to cosmopolitan cities that form a nexus for the exchange of ideas, technologies and creative forms of expression. The evidence of this is visible across the streets which are overflowing with art galleries, museums boutiques and of course, the monumental buildings that are the very definition of art.  Some equally impressive components are the interiors which lie behind modern facades- the treasures that reflect the work of pioneering figures of the artworld. In this context the three names one ought to know are: Hernan Arriaga, Design Solutions and the Hallock Design Group. These are Miami’s current leading companies and the starting point for the next big wave of design. Their interiors are inspired by the colors of the landscape, the vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere and, of course, by the clients themselves who form the very heart of the city.

Hernan Arriaga

Among the extensive list of celebrities who have made the paradisiacal city of Miami their home, one can recognize the former Argentinian supermodel, Ines Rivero, who also happens to be Arriaga’s first client. Her home is the ideal example of the firm’s core principle: to exceed the public’s expectations through the development of spaces that continuously redefine the concept of beauty and comfort. To have an idea of what this implies just close your eyes and visualize the bold colors Rivero’s home- the tropical shades of yellow, red, pink and olive green that cover custom made furniture and accessories.

The overall composition is not solely a product of Arriaga’s imagination and professional experience; like all of the company’s residential and commercial products, it is the reflection of the owners’ preferences and personalities. Among these varied characters that have sought inspiration from the creative genius one can mention Patrick Guerrand-Hermes, Alec Baldwin and Madonna, not to mention that the firm also collaborates with Armani/casa and is responsible for the interiors of jewels like the Porsche Design Tower and Echo Brickell. Hernan Arriaga currently transcends the shores of Miami to spread its influence as far as Europe and the Middle East.

Design Solutions

“Design Solutions’ main goal is to achieve a special bond with every client, resulting in a living space that is personalized and unique.”-Luciana Fragali

This firm not only produces one of a kind spaces but it also serves as a guide for families and individuals seeking to find their place in the ever-changing animated scenes of Miami. Since its establishment in 2011 Luciana Fragali-the studio president- and her team of 12 remarkable professionals have been working towards the realization of singular interiors with a personal touch in areas such as Bal Harbour, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, and Miami Beach, just to name a few.

The Venetian Islands home in Miami Beach by Luis Bosch Luxury Homes personifies the essence of Fragali’s initial statement. The Design Solutions interiors weave the natural color scheme of the landscape into the neutral toned furnishings and decorations. Floor to ceiling windows open the main rooms to the bright and fresh garden which features an infinity pool lined with shimmering turquoise tiles. Meanwhile, the indoor spaces are covered with cream limestone, white oak and porcelain tiles that complement the luxurious custom-made built-ins such as a diner room buffet and family room television wall. 

“Combining careful listening skills with qualified professional experience and expertise, we aim to achieve a perfect balance of distinctive designs that are both functional and visually pleasing.”- Design Solutions

Hallock Design Group

The urban modern interiors belonging to the residences at Icon South Beach can be described with three words: sleek, modern and sophisticated. This glamourous and welcoming environment that awaits the lucky owners of the residences is the product of none other that Hallock design Group. One can admire the dark tones with an unexpected splash of fuschia that adds some contrast among the different backdrops of grey. All rooms are carefully arranged according to an artistic precision that uses sharp lines and horizontal plains from quality furnishings to form a symmetrical composition that captivates the viewer.  The arrangement invites you to run your fingers across the velvet-lined sofas and couches and to sink your feet into the soft rugs that seem to shimmer under the gentle glow of elegant table lamps

“ I strive to capture the essence of my clients vision entwined with a sense of place and create interiors that are both equally beautiful and timeless.”- Hallock

Creations such as the Icon South Beach project transmit this vision of design that is essential to Hallock Interior Design Group led by none other than Wade Hallock. His work is easily identified by the fusion of different elements that produce one of a kind environments and sensations that continue to defy people’s expectations. The interiors he crafts can easily move across different periods and take inspiration from the various styles that characterize them without limiting the design to a single image. This combination of powerful elements results in the making of spaces that unfold according to the clients’ needs and tastes. Today you can find examples of Hallock’s skills and the professionalism of his company within the architecture of Aventura, Bal Harbour, Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, Palm Springs and the Virginia Gardens among countless of other areas in sync with the contemporary tendencies

Hallock Design Group

Hernan Arriaga, Lucia Fragali and Wade Hallock are producing works that in the future will make people look back and think of a second Renaissance led by artists and designers alike. Everyday, their studios are creating new promising tendencies that shape our vision of design and that also leave evidence of the owners’ traces on earth. What kind of mark would you like to leave for the coming generations? 


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