The winter spirit in bedroom décor

The arrival of winter marks the start of the long awaited celebrations, cozy afternoons with family and friends, and a longer time spent indoors to escape the cold. This season is also visible in design; from ateliers to galleries and furniture shops, they all seek inspiration from the festive period to create something beautiful that lasts and flourishes despite the chilly weather. The intimate and lively atmosphere even manages to make its way into our very homes; it is reflected on the glow of scented candles and electric fireplaces as well as on the vibrant shades of red that decorate chairs, sofas, and table-tops. However, the section that often matters the most is our bedroom; the place where the average person spends nearly half of a lifetime without realizing it. It only makes sense that such a valuable space should receive a special treatment with its decoration to represent the undergoing changes that reveal hints of its owner’s character. The following tips are little drops of inspiration for the interior design of a winter bedroom.


White and winter are two words or concepts that were made for each other just like snow, ice and cold are the their ideal complements. Nonetheless, not everywhere in the world does one see all of these elements which means that inspiration can come from a myriad of other sources related to winter. Sometimes it is better to avoid focusing too much of the icy white and blue tones which allude to the crystalline charm of the season; however, one does not need to completely banish white from the color palette. In fact, the creamier variations and neutral tones are often the best at transmitting elegance, a sense of cleanliness and order. Another option is to turn your attention to the colors on the other side of the spectrum; these include the vivid tones that jewels are bathed in- sapphire, emerald, ruby…deep, warm colors that remind us of an intense night sky, lush forests and a hypnotizing bonfire. Simplicity, in either case is the key to dealing with the winter palette; the rest of the charm can be achieved through lighting.

Sherwin Williams

Artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael could envelop their figures with a unique intensity and a realistic expression thanks to their mastery of light which they employed to create contrasts, blur certain features and emphasize others. A bedroom is just as dependent on this factor as a painting- one can even look at this space with the eyes of an artist contemplating a blank canvas waiting for the soft touch of a subtle light. The effect of a welcoming radiance can be easily recreated with the help of table lamps like the golden mercury Puglia piece, delicate pixie lights and mirrors that cast their glow across the room.

Once the lighting has been taken care of you can move on to the aspect of touch- a sense that winter décor is particularly dependent on in order to recreate the allure of this season. The warmth we seek during the cold months can be found in the soft textures of thick bedclothes, furry rugs and knit blankets draped across a velvet lounge chair. One can add layers upon layers of smooth fabrics to introduce a variety of patterns and experiment with the combinations of different shades such as dark amber, burnt orange and deep reds. In this case opulence is justified by the comfort and warmth that is provided by the rustic knits, wool throw blankets and plush area rugs. The welcoming and heartwarming effect produced by these fabrics serves to chase away the gloom of long winter nights; although, another way to combat the dull greys of chilly mornings and rainy afternoons is to set these tones against the cozy, golden glow from warm metals.

Copper, bronze, brass and even gold can be easily intertwined into your bedroom’s ceiling fixtures or decorative elements to reflect a pleasant and comfortable glow. Imagine a sultan’s palace draped in shimmering silks and intricate mirrors where colorful light figures dance across and bounce unto the surface of decorated walls. The glamorous image is often present in the several manifestations of winter décor and it can be recreated by adding a festive flair with accessories such as a candlestick display, velvet pillows and crystal vases filled with roses or carnations.

This organic element reminds us that part of the season’s allure stems from nature itself- interior designers often find their inspiration outdoors and they use subtle ways to display its beauty with items such as wooden stools, faux fur cushions and cork accessories. On the other hand, one can also take the approach which embraces the relaxing and intimate winter atmosphere with a moody décor. This edgy factor comes from the gothic influence through the use of dim lighting, intense paint with metal ornamentation, a dark area rug and original wall art. Both styles are contrasting roads that ultimately lead to the same enchanting destination.

Allow winter to be the dazzling muse that whispers to you the secrets of its ephemeral beauty and the ways to prolong it. Snow may not reach all the confines of the earth but the spirit of this season can transcend the limits of space to reach even the most hidden areas of your home. The decoration of your bedroom is in the end an echo of the natural traces and impressions from the outer world which you inadvertently bring along into this personal and unique space.

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