Chad Oppenheim

Chad Oppenheim is possibly the sleekest and stylish of designers, and at 34 years of age, he is also an international award winning architectural visionary.

He received a bachelor of architecture from Cornell University in 1994, and is now the founding principal of Miami-based “Oppenheim Architecture and Design”. When he was starting out at 28 years old, he says “In the beginning you are just glad to get any type of work”.
Within 7 years, Oppenheim has established himself an architectural ‘bravado’ whose forward thinking has made a dramatic impact on modern architecture. An energetic New York City native, he has designed numerous structures, many still in construction, that will soon alter the Miami skyline. His cutting edge works have ranged from single residential houses, to billion dollar Hotel Resorts in Las Vegas. Predominantly, his groundbreaking work on multi-story condominium buildings has carved his outstanding reputation for creating spaces and moments that enhance the pleasures of inhabitants’ lives.

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