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Our pets are more than fluffy creatures to cuddle with after a long day. They are our companions, best friends, and one of the dearest aspects of our life and homes. In fact, our interiors and daily life is made better thanks to them as their presence fosters a unique sense of responsibility and routine within us. In return, one of the many ways we can show our gratitude to our pets is by creating more welcoming spaces in our homes for them and adapting our interiors to their needs. After all, it’s thanks to their unconditional love and playful antics that we can alleviate our stress and come home to a positive and supporting atmosphere. 

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Moreover, expressing our love for our pets through interior design involves crafting spaces that also cater to their comfort and well-being. These changes do not need to be extreme or very noticeable, in fact, they require simple and small additions which mean the world to our animal companions. For example, these adaptations can involve pet-friendly furniture such as cozy beds or scratching posts, as well as durable and easy-to-clean materials that can withstand the wear and tears of claws. One can even have fun incorporating fun pet-friendly accessories like stylish feeding stations or storage solutions for toys and treats. Regardless of what extras you chose, the most important aspect is to ensure that our homes can also be natural environments that are not too alien to animals; just by welcoming natural light, private nooks, and accessible windows we can ensure that both pets and owners feel cherished and comfortable in a shared living space. For a better understanding, we provide you some of our favorite ideas below that have been approved by our pets. 

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Resistant fabrics and flooring

Having accepted that our pets will always carry some innate animal instincts, we can prepare our homes for some of the inevitable damages that result from our companions’ claws or teeth. For example, one can anticipate the eventual scratches and stains in upholstery by choosing to decorate with more resistant textures such as leather or microfiber which is also resistant to stains and easy to clean. Pair this element with dark colors or patterns to help camouflage any pet-related messes and you are set to go for any impromptu visits. The same can be applied to our flooring which tends to be the most affected area of the room; especially with bigger animals. To decrease the number of visible scratches it’s better to opt for practical flooring such as laminate, tile, or vinyl topped with rugs or carpets that provide comfort for pets and also protect our flooring. 


Designated pet spaces and furniture

Just like every one of us has a certain place in the house dedicated to some ‘me-time’, pets also need this privacy to recover from the exposure to visitors, daily interactions, or noise. These pet-corners can be well defined areas with comfy rugs or mats that flow easily into the overall room design. In addition, to make our furry (or not furry) companions feel more welcome among our own decor, one can also incorporate stylish pet beds or chic cushions and scratching posts and toys that blend with their surroundings or even enhance our interior design. This is how we can also acknowledge and demonstrate that our pets are not simply additions to our homes but rather valuable inhabitants that influence our decor decisions in ways that make our interiors more wholesome and welcoming to all creatures.


Organized and accessible spaces

Living with pets comes with compromise and responsibility. In some cases this means having to adopt a more minimalist style and select only the essential items to ensure that our furniture layout allows for easy movement for pets without creating obstacles. In exchange, after removing or securing any potential harmful items such as electrical cords or precarious vases, we can fill some of the empty space with stylish storage solutions for pet toys, treats, and accessories. We can keep our pets’ belongings in their own designated baskets or bins while ensuring these storage items also align to our design theme by choosing classic styles or more personalized types that we would choose to store our own possessions.

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Incorporating a natural touch

As mentioned earlier, animals also need the soft and nurturing touch of nature to thrive in healthy environments. One of the ways we can enable this is by switching to soft and ambient lighting to create a calming atmosphere or even better, to install adjustable lighting options that cater to both human and pet preferences. Other natural elements are of course welcome in the form of indoor plants from pet-safe varieties such as spider plants or catnip which also create a visually appealing scene for us humans. However, more creative approaches would encourage us to invest in a small aquarium with a secure base to prevent accidents, or a small indoor fountain; both of which provide pets with visual and auditory stimulation while creating a soothing ambiance. 

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Creative designs for pets

If you are looking for more innovative design solutions that both you and your pets will appreciate, perhaps some of the following suggestions might spark your interest. For example, going an extra step to order custom built furniture with concealed pet-beds or cozy nooks that blend seamlessly with the overall design. In the case of cat lovers, another option is to integrate shelves or walkways that act as both functional elements and decorative accents for your feline companions to roam freely. Lastly, don’t shy away from decorating with bold murals with vibrant patterns which engage pets visually and add a playful touch to your space. By infusing creativity into your home you can cater to your pets’ needs while adding an element of surprise that makes your interior stand out.


A home with pets

Our animal companions are what complete our interiors by infusing spaces with love, joy, and awe. Their presence alone creates a lively and dynamic atmosphere which we can keep up with through creative and engaging interior design. As our pets turn our house into a home, we can reward them with equally comforting environments that show how much we appreciate them. 

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