Crafting a first impression with your entryway

In all encounters first impressions matter. These instances become some of the most memorable moments upon which we base our opinion or understanding. Although these can be challenged and transformed later on, there is a reason why we always strive to make a good first impression in interviews, meetings, and even within our homes. If we translate this idea to interior design, entryways become the initial spaces that set the atmosphere of the entire space and which give visitors a welcoming and positive first impression of your personal style. Moreover, it is important to pay attention to details in these areas by embellishing them with a unique touch or even converting them into multi-use spaces. Here we have compiled five useful tips on how to create the desired initial response and perception of your home.

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Decorate with framed photographs

Photographs are one of the best ways of welcoming visitors as they openly reveal personal information about ourselves, the places we have been, and the people that are close to us. This option works if you prefer an open, personal approach that sparks curiosity and interest; however, not everyone is comfortable with revealing so much at a first glance. In this case, one can also opt for more creative photography featuring cityscapes, nature, or artistic angles on overlooked subjects. 

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Thus, on the one hand we have the emotional aspect that photographs evoke by displaying a visual timeline of your life or keystone moments that initiate discussions around your experiences and memories. On the other hand, they are also a means of artistic expression that focus more on enhancing the overall decor of your entryway through color compositions, unique perspectives, and even with quirky and playful frames. The important aspect to remember is to arrange these photographs in a way that reflects a sense of organization and cohesiveness; whether by arranging them in a gallery wall format, by establishing a focal point, or by experimenting with the different sizes, formats or layouts. 

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Add perspective with a mirror

Mirrors instantly introduce perspective, functionality, and visual appeal to interiors. Firstly, they can create the illusion of space; a quality that is especially useful in the case of entryways which are often limited in size. Thus, by reflecting light and bouncing it off their surface, mirrors can make your entryway appear brighter and more spacious to avoid the feeling of walking through a cramped room. At the same time, their presence can also be driven by functionality as they provide the opportunity to do a final check of our appearance before leaving or in the case of guests, they can also use it to make last minute adjustments. 

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Besides their practical use, mirrors can also serve as eye-catching pieces by themselves. Imagine an oversized mirror greeting your guests or a glamorous framed modern piece that instantly elevates people’s impression of your entrance hallway. One way of making the most out of the decorative aspect of mirrors is by layering and mixing materials to create dynamism. Imagine, for example, pairing a sleek mirror with a rustic table or grouping multiple mirrors in various sizes and frame materials that draw our eyes from one corner to the next in constant movement.


Let the materials speak for themselves

With limited space for decoration, the materials you select for your entryway must resonate strongly to create an impression by themselves. This is no simple task as it requires close inspection of the texture and colors of the materials by themselves and at the same time looking at the dialogue they create when combined. For example, consider using statement flooring in different materials such as hardwood, marble, patterned tiles, or polished concrete to create interest at first sight. Contrasting textures such as smooth textures like glass or metal with the roughness of reclaimed wood and textured wallpaper can also add depth and dimension to your entryway. 

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Another way of emphasizing the innate natural beauty of simplicity is by drawing people’s attention to specific architectural elements. Think of unique features like exposed brick walls, stone accents, or decorative moldings and the best ways of highlighting them by applying a complementary finish or using accent lighting that displays their natural charm. 

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Set the mood with statement lighting

Depending on the size and the style of your lighting fixture, this feature can serve as the focal point in your entryway as well as the mood setter for your first impression. You can look for standout lighting such as an imposing chandelier, a more elegant or contemporary pendant light, or a unique designer piece. Meanwhile, the important aspect to keep in mind is the ceiling height as higher ceilings provide a perfect canvas for a dramatic lighting design while a lower one calls for more compact lighting types. 


In addition, to create a well-balanced and inviting atmosphere one can merge multiple layers of lighting by combining statement fixtures with other light sources such as recessed ceiling lights, wall sconces, table lamps, or even natural lighting. Doing this also provides more flexibility to adjust the light levels based on the desired mood. Meanwhile, you can also consider taking natural lighting into the equation by allowing it to complement statement lighting. During the day, while statement artificial lighting is not in use, these fixtures can serve as decorative pieces which are in turn highlighted by the natural light.

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Give an extra use to walls

Optimizing the use of walls in an entryway enhances functionality and aesthetics in a way that also makes this space feel more welcoming and approachable as opposed to the harshness of clear blank walls. One way of tackling this approach is by installing practical storage such as wall-mounted hooks, racks, or cubbies that helps keep clutter like shoes, bags and keys organized and makes the space more accessible. Another similar route is to use floating shelves that can be used to display small decorative items such as plants, sculptures, and framed photos as well as a means to hold practical items like keys or wallets. 

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If not for displays and storage, you can also use your walls to incorporate a seating area. Imagine the possibility of adding a wall-mounted bench or a built-in seating nook along the wall. This can become a convenient spot to take your shoes off or a welcoming addition that creates a sense of comfort which can be further enhanced with cushions or throw pillows. 

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A final note

Our entryways can convey various messages based on the way they are decorated and designed. For example, an entryway can exude a warm and welcoming feeling as described above by introducing warm statement lighting or a seating area with decorative pillows that instantly create a sense of comfort. An entryway can also reflect appreciation for functionality and organization by incorporating practical storage solutions that prevent clutter. Lastly and most importantly, these spaces exhibit our personal style, they foreshadow our home’s theme, and they inspire visitors with a message of creativity that leaves a lasting impression.

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