Give your home a new look using modern lighting schemes

You feel you want a change in your home? For those of you that do, we are going to offer an easy and definitely unusual way to do it. … by the use of creative lighting !
A project such as the one below was introduced recently in Russia, Moscow and it adopts a new challenging and interesting lighting solution.The Russian design studio SL Project launched the current project called the Housing Problem Project.

The main idea of the project was the use of innovative lighting solutions that constitutes the color schemes of the rainbow. Lights of various colors are assembled in different parts of the ceiling, under the couch, and over the TV or even areas of your interest.
The creative interior design of this house attempts to provide a light of change by altering the lighting mood . Depending on the light, the room can get a softer or a fresher look.Significant results are noticed especially in long straight surfaces since the bouncing of the light back is homogeneous. The main purpose of the Housing Problem Project is to “expand” tight rooms, making them appear more spacious with proper use of lighting. Lighting color schemes are optional depending on your personal taste! You never know… you might be hooked once you try it…


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