The trends marking the future of living room design

Our living rooms are more than areas for comfort and relaxation. Their multipurpose nature enables us to also use them as entertainment or study areas, as the public face of our home where we can show our hospitality to guests, and also as a functional canvas for our personal expression. To make full use of your living room’s potential we introduce you to some of the trends that will be making an impact in contemporary interiors. 

Robson Rak

A Touch of Velvet

The plush and inviting texture of velvet not only makes it ideal for lounge chairs and sofas where one can relax; it also captivates viewers with its glamour as it shimmers under the light exuding a sense of depth and texture. However, besides the tactile allure of velvet, its texture can also become the basis for the selection of contrasting colors and materials such as gold or glass which enhance the richness of this texture and incorporate dynamism into your living room. This effect can also be reinforced by taking lighting into account seeing as velvet tends to absorb light; a tendency that can be used for opulent maximalist interiors or challenged with light colored walls and surfaces paired with natural lighting. 

Luis Laplace

Welcome Back Art Deco

This well-known design style has not lost its original luster despite the decades. In fact, this opulent aesthetic made up of bold geometric shapes, strong pops of color, sleek lines, and decorative motives is making its comeback in contemporary homes. The renewed interest in Art deco may have something to do with the daring combination of materials used to embellish an interior; especially in common spaces such as our living room. This area of the house provides enough space to feature chrome, glass, lacquer, and exotic wooden furniture and flooring which keeps our gazes constantly hovering over the unique design. 

Hugo Toro

Painted Ceiling

Why settle for a standard white ceiling when you can from an infinity of shades in the color spectrum? From a fearless dark blue or emerald green to more subtle hints of yellow or pink, the possibilities before you are endless. In some cases the monotony of a plain ceiling can even be broken with a mural in the same manner as Michelangelo and da Vinci’s works decorate prominent churches and villas in Europe. In addition, a spark of color can also create a focal point to draw our gazes upwards; something that rarely occurs indoors but with the use of artistic expression it can highlight the ambiance of our living room, add the perception of height, and personalize our home. 

Studio Lawahl

The Efficiency of a Multifunctional Space

Recognizing the multifunctionality of a living room as much more than a common space means looking at all the potential that this area can offer. In many cases, for smaller homes, the living room can also become a guest bedroom, a dinning place, playroom, or theater room. To accommodate all these possibilities, we can equip this space with dual-purpose furniture such as a sleeper sofa, an ottoman with hidden storage or coffee tables that can be expanded or folded when the situation requires it. Another method consists of delimiting different zones within the living room to establish different functions such as a lounging section or home office by using area rugs, room dividers or furniture placement. Lastly, to maximize space one can also rely on vertical shells and wall-mounted cabinets for storage or as open displays where you can exhibit traces of your own personality.

Claude Cartier

Having Fun with Decorative Pieces

Never underestimate the transformative power of decorative pieces. These elements, small or large, can significantly impact the design and ambiance of your living room by adding your own character to it, enhancing its decor theme, and setting the mood.  Whether you are displaying artwork, sculptures, collectibles or photographs, these objects can complement a specific design style and serve as focal points that give your space a sense of liveliness and cohesion. Oversized paintings, mirrors or lighting, for example, are best suited as visual centerpieces in a room. Meanwhile, other objects such as a patterned rug, throw pillows or textured wall art can introduce or reinforce colors and texture to this interior. The balance between all these decorations, nonetheless, requires attention to scale and proportion by mixing large and small sizes and shapes strategically in order to retain a harmonious and pleasing arrangement. 

Nina Maya Interiors

Drawing inspiration from nature

Also known as biophilic design, this trend which incorporates nature into the built environment comes with multiple benefits such as the reduction of stress, improvement of cognitive function, and heightened creativity. There are many ways of drawing inspiration from this approach into your living room besides decorating with houseplants or nature-themed artwork. One option is to envelop your space in a natural color palette of earthy tones, muted greens or neutral colors in combination with organic furniture featuring materials like wood, stone or bamboo. Together, these elements draw on a visual and tactile connection to nature that also evokes tranquility and which can be enhanced with the use of natural light. This second method can be maximized with floor to ceiling windows and by using sheer blinds that control the amount of light that comes in while maintaining visual contact with the outdoor environment.

Luis Laplace

Expressing yourself with open displays

Open displays in a living room showcase not only beauty but also hints of your own personality, background and history. Whether these include collections, cherished gifts or mementos from your travels, these decorative objects can be strategically placed on a focal point such as a built-in shelf, a console table or mantle piece that will undoubtedly draw your visitor’s attention. These displays can either establish a theme or offer a pleasing composition based on their arrangement according to size and width. By layering smaller items, grouping objects by size and leaving enough space between them, the effect can exude harmony and grace. To ensure that the composition receives its due attention, one must also consider the background and lighting. Contrasting paint tones or mirrors add dynamism to a display, while natural or accent lighting help reinforce a focal point. 

Nina Maya Interiors

Setting the mood with wallpaper

Equipped with intensity and versatility, the correct wallpaper can easily transform your living room. Depending on the ambiance you wish to establish, it can exhibit vibrant patterns for a dramatic flair, or muted tones for a calming mood. This, of course, also requires one to take into account the color scheme of furniture to ensure a cohesive design. Some ways of applying wallpaper is to approach it as an accent wall or as a replica of different materials. An accent wall, on the one hand, creates a focal point in the living room which adds movement or depth and attracts visual interest. Meanwhile, the use of textured wallpaper mimicking brick, stone or fabric, adds a tactile element that is rarely seen in walls. 


Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors offer plenty of opportunities to play with our sense of perception and to alter the image of a room. In the case of our living room, mirrors can create a sense of spaciousness by reflecting light and providing a sense of depth. Not only can they amplify the amount of natural light traveling through your interior, these objects can also be used to reflect scenic views that you wish to duplicate or bring into your living room. Lastly, as decorative pieces featuring extravagant frames or unusual shapes, mirrors can also establish focal areas in the room where our gazes can rest for more than just a second. 

Studio Lawahl

Brave and colorful 

One of the most reliable means of avoiding a bland living room design is to introduce bold colors that add a dramatic element to the room without necessarily overwhelming a space. To achieve this one can either display such colors through statement furniture such as an emerald velvet sofa, electric blue chairs, or a hot pink ottoman just to name a few options. By placing this furniture or objects strategically, you can establish a visual hierarchy that places certain areas in the room as the main points to attract one’s gaze. Environments that welcome the adventurous use of color not only bring with them excitement but they also stimulate creativity, encourage social interaction, and induce positivity.

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As the gathering area in our homes, the living room plays an important role in setting the ambience for deep conversations and relaxation. Not only does this space provide a welcoming sensation but it also reflects the owner’s personality and it can even spark visitors’ curiosity. As described above, the ways of making use of these benefits are numerous and for this reason we have carefully selected a few of the rising trends that will be transforming modern living rooms today. Whether you draw inspiration from one or more of these approaches, remember to enjoy the artistic process and remain true to your own style.

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