The upcoming design sensation: Missoni Baia

A new giant is coming to Miami where it will rest upon the coast of East Edgewater. This giant is none other than the 57-story condominium tower known as Missoni Baia designed by Asymptote Architecture, Paris Forino interiors and Enzo Enea landscapes. As its name suggests, the building will introduce residents to the luxurious and colorful world crafted by the Italian Missoni fashion house. With the guidance of the brand’s Creative Director- Angela Missoni- this tower incorporates the incandescence and mesmerizing playfulness of Missoni’s designs across the interiors whose structure is at the same time inspired by the contemporary artworks of Josef Albers, Donald Judd, Sol Lewitt and Jesús Rafael Soto. The overall product is therefore, the embodiment of a modern and functional artwork that celebrates the concepts of home and innovative design.

A glance at the residences

The greatest inspiration for Missoni Baia is perhaps no other than the landscape itself- like most artworks, it can trace its life-force to the setting in which it is built. In this case, the allure of its aqueous environment is ever-present with the panoramic views of Biscayne Bay which its structure stretches 200 feet across. Each of its 249 condominium residences celebrates this natural charm by providing access to these water vistas through terraces and balconies connected with the main bedrooms. The distance from the bed to the seemingly endless sea is thus reduced so that residents can fully immerse themselves in a fresh and calm atmosphere.

Even beyond this private realm, the remaining areas of each residence incorporate this air of serenity with a color palette of Savoie blue and white matte layering over marble kitchen counters. Paris Forino’s designs of these interiors also envision a delicate composition of dolomite mosaics and Calacatta Ice marble that transform the master bathroom into a personal health resort with light neutral tones that soothe the mind. Together, the sleek surfaces and minimalistic touch that converges across every room form the clear surface for the layering of different textures and bold colors that celebrate the tropical landscape and Missoni’s lively fashion.

Exploring the amenities

Simplicity, dynamism and modernity are the three defining elements that characterize the décor used for each of the amenities. Starting with the lobby, as soon as residents and visitors enter the world of Missoni Baia, they can expect to be welcomed by an elegant arrangement of shimmering carved crystals that radiate like the nacre interiors of shells against a white marble background. This iridescent effect is reproduced in the metallic purple and green tones of the coffee tables and ottomans that converge between artworks and furniture placed for visitors’ convenience.

A few floors higher the open air amenities extend across the sixth floor, starting with a narrow Olympic pool  encapsulated within the shade of tall palm trees and small cabins set against the various hues of blue emanating from the sea and sky. This cerulean bubble encapsulates not only the out-door Olympic and lounge pools among a verdant landscape but it also envelops an inner world filled with indulgent spaces such as spas, salons, study rooms and entertainment areas.

An open air bridge connects the exterior amenities with the exclusive indoor amenities. These interiors expand to the horizon with terraces providing direct bay views to areas like the spa and treatment centers which also include saunas, steam showers and interior private rooms decorated with soft cream tones and wooden surfaces that characterize Zen décor. Furthermore, the 1, 700 square foot gym also offers unobstructed views of the waterline with its extensive glass walls that feature a 180 degree panorama of Biscayne Bay. Its wooden floors, white ceiling and mirror columns create a striking contrast with the bright colors displayed in the decorations and in the natural landscape that surrounds the building. In addition to this, the tower also includes a yoga studio, private entertainment rooms and an elegant game room with extensive space for a pool table, video screen and spacious sleek sofas where residents can spend their afternoons relaxing in a calm and social setting.

An ode to art and design

Despite the diversity of spaces and their distinct uses; the building as a whole retains a congruent concept anchored by the Missoni fashion line and the art of contemporary artists. Every splash of color stands out like a brushstroke dancing over marble surfaces. Different textures crisscross over ample sofas and lounge chairs to create dynamic compositions. In this manner the playful elements of Missoni’s designs are interwoven with stylish furnishings and state of the art appliances. This creates an abstract effect that metamorphoses the building itself into a modern sculpture  that displays unique shades of color like artist Joseph Albers did in his studies of color. Meanwhile, the individual placement of every furniture following a minimalist design radiates the democratic approach taken by the famous Donald Judd in his sculptures which aimed to highlight the individuality of each line and form in relation to the space around them.

The conceptual art linked to Sol Lewitt is also a source of inspiration guiding the patterns etched into the surfaces of  Missoni Baia’s interiors. From rugs, lounge chairs and decorative artworks to the lobby entrance and columns supporting the building, these colorful patterns reappear like exclusive thumbprints that distinguish the tower from any other in Miami. And last but not least, the ode to Jesús Rafael Soto’s kinetic art can be perceived in the electric and compelling spirit of the building created through the juxtaposing of multiple forms and converging lines projected across the surface of walls, lamps, floors and furniture.

With this thought in mind one can see every individual furnishing and decoration within the tower as distinct pieces that form part of the entire artwork known as the avant-garde Missoni Baia. 

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