The must-see interiors at Design District

The emblematic Design District is known as the ‘go-to’ neighborhood to immerse oneself in the dazzling universe of contemporary art, architecture and emerging trends of interior design.  In a place where every shop, café, boutique, and restaurant overflows with creativity, visitors can feast their senses with the extraordinary experience offered by Miami’s artistic community. There is no shop or corner that does not commemorate the neighborhood’s unique history and creative expression; whether it is a public artwork, statues, an art-deco building or the elaborate setup of an interior, each space reflects its own approach to modern design. Today, this article pays special tribute to some of the interiors that embody the neighborhood’s distinct avant-garde décor: Baccarat Boutique and Lounge, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s boutique and spa, and the new Fendi Caffe.

Baccarat Boutique

Red, pink yellow; these colors converge in a festive dance across the interiors of the Baccarat Boutique Bbar and Lounge. Modern maximalism can be admired in all its splendor with a taste of the Baccarat extravagance transmitted by the ravishing crystals that hang from the ceiling and decorate each table. No surface is left empty as decorations range from white and purple flower arrangements to the stimulating paintings by French artist Alexandre Benjamin Navet which adorn the walls in various shades of vibrant colors.

The moment customers pass through the sophisticated white façade of the building, the environment transforms into a whirlwind of colors and patterns. It all starts with the interior white and black flooring which contrasts with the multicolored couches and bar stools. This vision then extends to the wooden coffee-tables and grey walls that introduce an industrial effect with a romantic twist created by the hanging glass chandeliers and matching white bar table that glisten like drops of rain. This is the dramatic and luxurious allure of the Baccarat Boutique which captures customers not only with its products but also with the tantalizing and exotic décor spanning across its interiors.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

L’Atelier adheres to the modern French concept not only in its menu but also within the restaurant’s interior design. This is evident in the singular and unconventional approach to the interaction between customers and chefs; highlighting the conviviality between both by incorporating an open kitchen facing the counter where people become the observers throughout the cooking process. This 34 seat counter sits under the glow of warm lighting that highlights the red hues of the stripped wooden surfaces- extending from the ceiling to the counter itself. The red and black combination seems to be the recurrent theme, appearing in the leather bar stools, chairs, flooring and even in the flatware.

The modern impression is not only crafted through the details and colors; it is also evoked by the ambience itself. A classic color combination in a dark and intimate setting is a primary feature of contemporary design; however, when paired with unique artwork displays such as the impressive circular sculptures adorning Miami’s L’Atelier this creates an exclusive setting that distinguishes the restaurant. This signature look combining elegance, innovation and an alluring touch of mystery is a unique characteristic of Joel Robuchon’s restaurants.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Boutique & Spa

Modern, sleek and bright- this is Dr. Barbara Sturm’s new Boutique & Spa located right next to Miami’s renown Fly’s Eye Dome. The boutique incorporates the modernist style of Design District’s newest buildings with sharp edges, playful lines and the classic black and white color contrast. Meanwhile, its interior breaks away from the characteristic contemporary industrial aesthetic and instead welcomes the vibrant tropical features of the local landscape. The white walls, shelves and tables function as the basepoint from which unexpected pops of color stand out. Soft curves, lines and blobs of different pastel shades decorate the walls and imbue the displays with their vibrancy under the bright glow of the accent lighting. Additionally, the presence of tropical plants and lush palms highlights the interior’s image as a private oasis dedicated to beauty and healthcare.

The spa itself is encapsulated in a private sphere of dark walls, wooden flooring and white furniture. This minimalist ensemble places the client at the center of the room as the sole point of focus rather than introducing distractions with opulent decorations. The only elements lining the walls are two simple circular mirrors that create the illusion of extending the space and which also serve to project the light from the ceiling to the middle of the room. Moreover, the main theme created in this particular space rests on simplicity, silence and intimacy.

Fendi Caffe

If Fendi is known for its luxury fashion products and avant-garde designs, then its upcoming café at Miami’s beloved Design District will be the epitome of the brand’s timeless charm. Therefore, in honor of the latest Summer Vertigo collection displaying the 70’s and 90’s streetwear influence, the cafe’s interiors have also incorporated this bold use of colors and classic line patterns. The youthfulness and brightness of summer will be captured within the radiant yellow walls, columns and furniture in the outdoor space at OTL just in front of the Fendi store.

Customers can better enjoy their coffee surrounded by the characteristic Miami palms and under the shade of a warm yellow and orange ceiling. Matching chairs and multicolored tables are lined beneath glass spherical lamps that will create an elegant and whimsical effect during the late evening hours. In this colorful space, interior design, fashion and culinary experience collide to show that creativity has no limits.

As the aforementioned descriptions have shown, Miami’s Design District is a world replete with surprising displays of modern creativity and limitless design possibilities. Whether it is through art, fashion, food, architecture or interior décor, this neighborhood is constantly bustling with new ideas and creations that transform and challenge traditional conceptions of design.

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