Interiors by Hernan Arriaga: pioneering visions of design

My job is to educate my people, my clients. I give them a new lifestyle that is molded to everything they do at every time during the day.” – Hernan Arriaga 

As one of Miami’s favorites, Hernan Arriaga is also one of the main characters in KMP’s narrative of design. Our previous post on “The modern trinity of interior design” introduced this world-famous designer alongside the Design Solutions studio and Hallock Design Group. Today we retake his story’s thread to contemplate his latest works and continuous presence in the design industry as an innovative and mindful figure.

About the designer

Arriaga’s signature touch is visible in his modern twists to traditional designs and reinterpretation of history. Rather than detaching interiors from any antiques, he takes inspiration from the beauty of the past and introduces different genres to his unique and contemporary projects. 

There is nothing more exciting than incorporating an old beautiful piece into a modern room, the translation as a final result makes it exquisite.”- Hernan Arriaga

After attending the New York School of Interior Design and moving to Miami to launch his career, his success in the design industry has become self-evident. Arriaga’s projects can now be found in different corners of the world including Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. He has also earned the title of International Designer by Samsung in Design Icons of 2017 and his firm has appeared in magazines like AD and Elle Décor. 

Singular Mind


Apartment at the One Thousand Museum

The futuristic skyscraper designed by the renown Zaha Hadid and furnished by the Italian Meridiani collections has also served as a canvas for Hernan Arriaga’s creative work. His artistic touch envelops one of the apartments’ interiors with soft greys and milky white tones alongside sudden flares of golden motifs and vibrant artwork. The design taps into the allure of geometry through the strategic placement of objects. 

Firstly, the living room consists of rectangular patterns exhibited in the oversized painting hovering over an extensive corner sofa that is situated over a square lush carpet. In-front of it a series of polished coffee and side tables spread across this island of luxury facing the ocean that is visible across the floor to ceiling windows. 

Da Vinci lifestyle

Meanwhile the dining room displays an oval white marble table combined with elegant dark chairs centered under a delicate lamp whose circular extensions of light imitate the planets’ rotation around the sun. The same elegance decorates the master bedroom where a double bed with a tanned leather headboard takes up the center stage accompanied by an aluminum table lamp, an elongated ottoman and marble coffee table. Everything coexists according to the variations of a color scheme that displays all the different variants of grey, proving that beauty lies in the small details.

Arriaga has constructed an image of classic beauty and modern luxury following the principles of simplicity and geometry using circular and rectangular furnishings paired with circular and spherical decorative objects which create an enrapturing play with contrasts that thrive within the modern space that the One Thousand Museum provides. 


Miami home

Brightness traverses through each corner of the Hernan Arriaga’ unique Miami home. Every decorative element and furnishing has been selected to enhance the interior’s vibrancy and to construct an image of natural and carefree beauty. The aesthetic relies on organic forms such as delicate flower arrangements and twisting branches paired with a modern element provided by the sleek furniture, varied lighting and unconventional pattern of décor.

Maximalism steps into the scene leaving its first imprint over the dinning room. A single continuous line of transparent acrylic forms the contour of chairs that seem to levitate around a shimmering dark table. Its surface catches the reflection of the hanging flower-shaped lamp with extensions of petals that open towards every direction. This setting is completed with the addition of graceful Japanese orchids that stretch their subtle branches towards the ceiling, creating a dynamic vision in the room. A decorative large-scale mandala merges the sophisticated and whimsical elements together.

Architectural Digest

The next stop is the study, where maximalism shows its full splendor through the emphasis of rich textures, contrasting and opulent patterns, and white furnishings against a dark backdrop. The walls are enriched by a deep tone of blue resembling the waters of the Aegean, lined by white frames that match the surface of the sectional sofa. This furniture piece is embellished with lush pillows, each one different from the other, and a lush black and white blanket that sweeps towards the floor. Nearly the entire room’s expanse displays its own distinct color scheme imprinted on a rug covered by bold flashes of red and yellow that give the room a cozy feeling.

The living room continues with this overlap of contrasts to create a varied and energetic composition. A large sectional sofa, lounge chair and coffee table face the stone fireplace that brings a sense of intimacy into the space. The same feeling is conveyed in the bedroom where a modern bed is transformed with the addition of a lush fur blanket and hand-made silk pillows crafted by Indonesian artists. The history of each decorative element is the key factor for the development of a luxurious, unexpected and seductive interior.

Lastly, the kitchen, bathroom and patio rely on the use of simple, minimalist furnishing enriched by the extravagance of their setting. In the case of the kitchen and shower this is made with the use of bright mosaics that diverge from the other elements in the room. The kitchen displays a clean arrangement with a  wooden table surrounded by matching chairs and clear white drawers next to their corresponding counter. The composition is transformed entirely with the addition of custom made marble exhibiting a black and white arrangement of flowers that stretch across the floor, recreating a  lively South American essence. Meanwhile, the patio achieves this unexpected twist by harmonizing with the surrounding nature. The table setting incorporates a large, twisting wooden branch from which small succulents and cacti spread out. The simplicity of the wooden table and wicker furniture allows the trees and plants to come into the spotlight and decorate this area with their natural vibrancy and splendor.

This is the legacy that Hernan Arriaga has been perfecting for years and continues to embellish, proving that design is constantly recreating itself with traces of the past, remains from the natural world and dreams of the future. 

I have always loved the imperfection of natural things, those that our planet created for us to appreciate.”- Hernan Arriaga 

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