This design is hotter than ever -Teressa Lounge (Fin Juhl 45 Chair)


One of the chairs I truly like and I highly recommend for any home with mid-century or contemporary aesthetics is the Teressa Lounge chair…I like this chair because of its distinct design and great quality! …The Teressa’s frame is manufactured with American walnut(which is a personal preference) but you can order it in few other solid wood species such as Beech, Ash, Oak, and Maple…We offer as well stains on Ash if you prefer something a bit more customized…Originally Designed by Finn Juhl our own armchair is a faithful replica –and when I say faithful I mean to the point -…The Teressa for those of you that don’t know the chair-offers curved sculptural aesthetics, a slightly reclined seat for a loungy experience, and sculpted curved armrests for that smooth feel on arm contact

Quality is what defines this lounge chair …from the accurate stitching of the back frame to the précised stitched straight line of the curved seat cushion the details are immaculate The tongue and groove wood joins of the wood are shaped in a W connection; Juhl’s signature wood-join technique The chair is a symbol of precision, craftsmanship, and a pioneering design for its time that is current even today I am a strong believer that “ Great design never goes out of style “

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