Purchasing a Sofa online can turn into a big headache ; this is why

With the rise of online shopping, the purchasing process became faster and more enjoyable… There is nothing  more appealing  from ordering your  basic needs at your leisure and from the comfort of your home or wherever you might be …its effortless!.. .It saves time, money and a lot of hassle…. I am a big advocate of simplifying life through technology  …it’s the future … But I also believe that  not everything can be purchased online( at least not yet)…A good example is your sofa… Below I outline few reasons why:

Ethan Sofa – KMP Furniture

Comfort .. The sofa is the largest furniture piece of your home .It defines your living room and it  is also the one piece that you use the most ( after your bed) ….It needs to be comfortable …and it also needs to be  well made …Comfortable because while watching TV  or  lounging you need something soft and embracing… Well made because if you get the wrong piece it will get saggy in 6 months …it will look terrible …Many of the sofa options available online (especially the less expensive )  use inferior foam and  along with bad construction they can deform within weeks…

Quality …since the sofa is such a large piece, imperfections such as bad stitching, deformed cushions , even incorrect color are hard to identify online …most of the images online are renderings that makes  the products appear impeccable …And just because it  is such a large piece, if is not well made it could sabotage your entire home aesthetics

Via mwatan

Measurements …. from experience, many customers just purchase thinking,  it  fits,  comes  to find out when the item is delivered  that it doesn’t?   The sofa;  unlike chairs ,lounge chairs ,coffee tables etc… is a massive and a heavy item  which makes  it hard  to return easily … it is also hard to be  combined in other parts  of the home

 Returns …In the case when the sofa does not fit or you don’t like it and you need to return it…. it’s when the bigger problems start …What you don’t know is …the price of the shipping of the sofa to get to your home  is included in the purchase  price (especially when is free shipping ).  To ship a  sofa back;  the cost is substantial …For the business owner to get a sofa  returned at his warehouse is not worth bringing back…He is losing a lot of money  to ship the item back;… sometimes much more  than the actual cost of the item. He will either try to convince you to keep it with a discount  or  he will make it very hard for you to return it with disclosures…On the meantime you have the sofa seating in your living room(while negotiations take place) …for weeks  …At the same time returning a sofa curbside –this is the  service you paid  online- you will have to bring the item  down and out of your home  and away from your  front your door for the shipping company to be able to receive and take back …

Lesson learned? … purchasing a sofa  the good old fashion way is still your best  bet… Going to a brick and mortar store ,  testing  and purchasing  your  favorite item  will save you money, time  and a lot of headache …  ask as many questions as  you need for you to have a piece of mind and see exactly  what you are getting …Local delivery is much easier and most of the times, furniture stores own their own delivery services  with complimentary setup and  removal of carton and debris

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