A fully Staged home might be what you are looking for?


Demand on fully furnished/staged homes are in great demand during recent years according to the Realtor association. Apparently, people are searching for homes that are fixed and ready to move in with all basic amenities (including furniture); instead of taking the time to furnish themselves.
The idea behind this trend is the good old saying “Time is money” either you have money or time …attempting both is an ambitious task. People pressed with time are paying an additional fee to get a fully furnished home, which seems ideal and a hustle free remedy . This is especially true in the case of young professionals with busy lifestyles who do not have the time; nor the interest to look into the art of interior design. Smart staging solutions in recent years package everything together; furniture, décor , interior design into one easy process and usually for less ; The buying power of a developer that purchases in volume or a property owner that is buying in bulk is substantially different than buying one by one piece to furnish a home. And of course the so many other headaches involved including carrying products ,getting building/elevator permits , finding transportation , painting accent walls , installing ceiling lamps etc …Of course you can always add your personal touch to make a place feel more like home but at least for the most part, major pieces are in place

A four to six months design process is usually required to select furnishings and stylize a home while beginning from scratch ; starting from selecting pieces, ordering and final placing . Buying a fully staged home includes the cost of the interior designer as well -truth is ninety percent of the people can’t visualize the full potential of an empty space-

Huge advantages for both sellers and buyers make it an attractive alternative while searching for a home. Ideal for people relocating from another country, people that need to relocate fast or people who are looking to buy a second home; some of the groups that benefit from staged homes As for the seller is often regarded as a compelling investment option due to tax benefits. For instance as a seller, you own a gigantic dining table that would be a challenge to move it but staging it creatively can save you time and effort as well as storage space
Comparing an unfurnished home with a fully staged property you come realize is a better deal overall.
Taking advantage of fully staged homes will save you time, energy and money but at the end of the day depends on you and what you want out of your home …Focus on making the best out of your moving experience -make sure is a pleasant one-

So think about a house with the best interior design choices, but without taking any trouble finding your favorite pieces of furniture. Imagine making that first step into your potential home and falling in love with everything inside, the whole character of that home. Why not taking advantage of this opportunity that will save you time, energy and money?

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