5 Accessorizing and decorating details that will perfect your home

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Accessories and decorating details are important when it comes to interior design. Small things that can make a huge difference, so choose them wisely. Some of them may be necessary and some others are just a luxury but picking up the right ones requires a bit more than just a good eye, Following are some basic guidelines to create a personalized home …and Remember ; It’s all about the details

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Use trays to Organize

Trays are interior designer’s secret weapon Add a large round tray on your coffee table to content items  and organize them.. Decorative trays can hold many items like candles, books, coasters and anything else that you might  think is worthy of attention. You can actually place them in every single room of your house, but  please make sure that they are there for a purpose. You need them to feel they serve a purpose They are excellent for minimizing chaos and make plain surfaces look sculptural.

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Create  depth with vases

Vases are a decorative treasure and that’s why  we love them. Vary the sizes of  your vases to create rhythm and sense of scale . There is a vast variety of shapes and sizes you can choose from but make sure you choose shapes that are harmonious with each other; Place a big vase on the floor right next to your front door to create the element of surprise .Dress up your tables with smaller and colorful vases to bring in playfulness and color; …adding branches will immediately give an earthy tone

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Define your space with  Rugs

Finding the right rug is essential. A naked floor can be cold and unfriendly, on the contrary placing a rug introduces warmth and definition  to your home. Play with color, patterns and textures. Rugs add coziness to the space, either this is the living room, the bathroom  the  hallways. Choose An oversize rug for your living room to make your space look bigger.

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All about the lighting

Good lighting choices , when decorating a new space, can go a long way! The first thing you have to think about is what tone that you want to set. Every room has its purpose and that goes for the lighting as well. The entry of  a house is a definite statement opportunity so an impressive lamp creates a sassy welcome ; Balancing the lighting in your living room is important to create a homogeneous palette, and choose warm dim lighting for your bathroom. Choosing alternatives to illuminate your space is also a great option choose from spot lights to hanging lamps or even candles.

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Pillow delight

Throw pillows are the perfect way to spice it up. The sky is the limit along with a strong imagination Throw pillows are not just for your sofa ; be creative with  your  bed or even the floor. Play with colors, sizes and textures to create contrast to enhance the look of your space . Picking the right pillows can be a pain, but here are some tips. Don’t be afraid to add extra pillows to your sofa; choosing a pair pillows that comes in contrast with your sofa will add elegance and finesse. keep some of the original sofa pillows  and place  them in other parts of the house, like the wall color or pieces of artwork. Choosing  accent pillows for different seasons can also jazz up your home

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