5 Ways to to make your Bedroom a glam spot

contemporary bedroom

As Fall is approaching , days become smaller with larger nights and I cannot help it but think of bedrooms  for some reason…The bedroom  is the place we  will be spending  more  time (except if you live in South Florida of course)  the upcoming  months… It needs to be comfortable and cozy, embracing and tranquil … following I am  numbering  5 ideas that can create the ideal bedroom  ambiance for the months to come

Push the Limits

Don’t shy away from going all out in your bedroom…Try to be edgy and give it a style punch… Design forward  pieces can make the space interesting and comfy… Take advantage of the walls, upholster them , bring in the drama without compromising comfort …give it a vibe so you will enjoy  lounging  there with a glass of wine


modern custom bedroom
Modern custom bedroom by KMP


Keeping everything the same color enhances the space and creates a sense of timelessness and ease …When I say everything I mean everything ….from the bed sheets, to curtains, to walls  ,to ceiling….. everything…What changes is textures


Large Art Pieces

Stick to one large piece of art …or two max!…Pick a wall to be the center  piece and display with no fear…Good art has the capacity to make the space look bigger without the clutter …It brings in style and creates ambiance

contemporary bedroom


If space allows it get creative with shelving and geometry….Exhibit some of your favorite valuables or books , rest a bonsai , a cactus, a flower arrangement ….bring  those shelves  to life…. get creative and inventive

contemporary bookcase

Be extravagant

Edgy décor items are a must…from unusual pillows to modern furniture ;……make it luxurious…flowers are an excellent seasonal addition as well as aromatic candles….  


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