Customizing your furniture will elevate your interior aesthetics into Greatness!

Many of us associate custom furniture with higher prices, lengthy lead times and a lot of hassle.. We are so used to instant gratification that we forget that “ excellence lies within the details” and so we buy anything available and average we find in order to check it off our to do list…The result? .. Creating living spaces that are lifeless, visually uncorrelated, completely detached and uninteresting. At the same time, we spend almost the same amount of money but with awful results


I always say our home is like our clothes …buying a really large or extremely small dress or pair of pants will look unflattering and ridiculous on you… so is with your home…Why do you choose to dress well, spend time to find the right piece that complements your physic but you don’t do the same for your home? The state of your home tells a lot about you; much more than a piece of cloth you ll wear once and feel good for a day!…If you really want to impress someone invite them to a well-designed home… you ll see how their perception will change instantly…

Customizing your interiors is a process where you study your space thoroughly , understand the important functions you would like to see, think of a color scheme of preference , custom fit your furniture to your space .If you can find ready pieces you like and fit perfectly; Great!… If not don’t rush


Starting from the living room, getting the right sofa -correct dimensions , color design, design- can be tricky…It cannot be too big or too small …It is the center piece of the home and where conversation takes place. It needs to be comfortable , elegant, and in the correct upholstery and color to complement your space… customizing your sofa to match the lounge chairs and coffee tables is how you achieve Zen . Is it a lower loungy look you are going for or a higher more straight seating? Fitting to your space properly and proportionately can make all the difference

The Bedrooms need to be warm and inviting …Choosing Calming tones to induce deep sleeping is imperative .Paneling a wall can break the rigidness of the room and give a softer appeal…Is the bed upholstery parallel to the one of the lounge chairs? How about the night tables and dressers? Is the space in harmony?

Get the correct size of dining table and chairs (not what you think you might need) but what is right for your space Customize the upholstery and legs to match your table or vice versa Try to pick tones that enhance each other in order to create a balanced palette Bring those tones to the living room if contiguous Select designs that are interesting and complete each other’s aesthetics


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