Three vibrant colors for 2017

2017 is here and along with the new year many exiting challenges …Your home décor  for those of you planning to make serious changes on your interiors requires energy , playfulness  and color …Below we bring you 3 colors that we believe   will dominate this year

Lemon  Yellow

 A bright creative color known for its ability to generate quick decision making and clear thinking… Yellow is quite offensive to the eye but contrariwise associated with positive energy, happiness and creativity…Incorporating yellow in your interiors can create a whimsical environment and an energizing space …It can be used on an accent piece, or a single furniture design, a painting or  a main wall…Use carefully and with the help of an expert(designer) if possible since its strong traits  can overwhelm  the space  and create unwanted results…


A soothing combination of blue and green ; aquamarine recharges the spirit and elevates the mind…Its calm and heeling palette  stimulates  emotional balance and growth. Some of the radiant characteristics of the color can alleviate feelings of loneliness  and  tiredness …It  is  settle and relaxing making it the perfect touch  for  an art piece or a  throw pillow, an accent chair or even a sofa backrest…Aquamarine can be integrated flawlessly to a number of interiors and contribute to a peaceful , calming effect

Hibiscus Pink

A feminine color that its core characteristics include  nurturing and Love; also associated with tenderness and  kindness…Brilliantly combined here creates a happy dining atmosphere  in a wooden setup. The Skillful  interiors  are contrasting the  surrounding  and  contribute  to  robust aesthetics .More daring is the second  setup with lighter shades of pink  of the background wall and furniture…Observe  the perfect  color combination  of lime , pink and wood tangled together to create  harmony!


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