Three vibrant Designers.. You will Love!

Creating beautiful aesthetics requires creativity, knowledge and experimentation… It is by no accident that some of the most outstanding interiors are created by designers with a great sense imagination and years of experience …Below we bring you three that repeatedly created breathtaking environments and are worth recognized

Julie Hillman modern interiors
Julie Hillman

Julie Hillman

Known for her mastery of mixing up clean iconic pieces and classical furnishings; she is able to brilliantly contrast  various design element s  to create unique combinations…A great approach of Julie’s interiors is the comfort on her furnishings as well as the  balanced fabric pallet’s … For this project  she breaks the geometry of the room with a  sculptural design piece, creating movement and flow  on  the space.. A live-trunk   finished in black gloss is placed as centerpiece above a layered chandelier.. Color comes sporadically with the use of a painting and details but does not overpower the setting. Through the use of different textures and materials she is creating a sensible environment of shapes, texture, balance tones and movement

Pierce Allen minimalism interior design
Pierce Allen / Elle Decor

Pierce Allen

Pierce Allen takes a cleaner approach with his interiors; with more simplistic but powerful combinations The architect is known to combine design aesthetics of old and new …He is able to achieve a great level of balance with luxurious upholstery and simplistic designs and juxtaposing contemporary aesthetics with rich materials …The geometry of this space is maintained by a clean geometric wall cabinet .The sofas are linear, contemporary and lite. Enhanced by two sculptural lounge chairs, hints of earthy details and color, contrast the otherwise white setting…

Ryan Korban dramatic interiors
Ryan Korban

Ryan Korban 

Ryan’s interiors are seductive and wondrous …His inspiration is drawn from Monet and the art world (especially photography)…With an eye on the past and a good grasping on the present he is redefining design to a new reality; focusing on the younger generation … Playful and with a dose of melancholy; he is using sculpting textures and rich velvet’s as the main component of his work… Gold and mulberry purple are used here in accents skillfully to conclude the setting

Pierce Allen contemporary design
Pierce Allen / Modern Beds


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