2015 Color Trends That Are Here to continue through 2016

As 2015 comes to a close some of this year’s most loved trends will go with it while others will continue to inspire designers and decorators alike, well into the new year.

Bright contrasting colors against stark white walls are certainly here to stay. None more so than Greek Blue. Some might consider it a cobalt blue or royal blue, but this striking hue is in fact directly inspired by the bright blue building tops in Greece that look as though they’re reflecting the luminous waters just off their shore.

fancycribsWe’ve seen Greek Blue -along with nearly every other shade of blue- paired with Sour Green in 2015. The two colors offset each other in perfect harmony. These classic pairings are fresher and bolder than ever and have yet to overextend their welcome.

ratedpeopleMuch like romantic Greek structures the nostalgia of the 60s is hard to let go of. The era made olive and orange colors a staple of the decade. Today the pairing of mod colors is being given new life and it’s just beginning. Olive green alone is also continuing to make a statement in a very different way- as an organic neutral.

patternsIn the midst of the bold, bright color trends, pastels don’t go unnoticed. The current trend of muted pallets is given a burst of life by shocks of neon and a bit of that Grecian blue that we can’t get enough of. At the same time, this year and next we’ll likely continue to enjoy the ever popular contrasts of dynamic color pairings.

midcentury-family-roomThough some may consider the muted pallet of pastels a pallet of neutrals, the true neutral of 2015 and 2016 is gray. Soft gray walls with dark gray accents give depth and contrast in a fresh and sometimes moody manor. This is one trend that appeals to many different styles of design.homedsgn

The 60s aren’t the only years designers and decorators looked back to for inspiration. The Renaissance era has also taken a seat in the new century with color combinations of beiges, whites, cerulean blue, greens and plums. These colors come alive through a mix of Renaissance inspired textures and patterns.

Elegant Mirrored Black Ceiling and Floor to Reflect Cool Interior Design Home Project in Black Serenity
These warm Renaissance inspired tones of olives and grays -along with muted mints, rusts and aborigine- are a trend that is a continuing favorite as 2016 approaches and bring warmth to the homes that invite such pallets.


Color is the foundation of great design and these trends have certainly made their mark over the past year. Yet, their potential is still set to amaze for the colorful, foreseeable future. Might one of these trends even inspire the Pantone color of the year for 2016? Only time will tell.stylish-mid-century-living-rooms-41


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