Modern dining tables that are impressive!

I love it when I find good design that gives a new direction and breaks the boundaries of ordinary… After all life is about progress and finding creative ways to express your thoughts , work, life…yourself!… I stumbled upon some new designs of dining tables the other days that I found interesting and innovative and I wanted to share it with you…Some of them take a more futuristic approach, others are more sculptural and work with aesthetics

.One thing they have in common though is that they are pushing the envelope in new techniques of manufacturing, new materials of production and of course … new aesthetics in design…Most are designed by young upcoming designers that me personally I will be following their work throughout the years…Below are some of the dining tables I loved the most….hopefully you will too


  1. Layla

    Is there any chance I could get the names of the designers of these tables and possibly where I could find them to purchase? (Specifically the first, fourth, fifth, and sixth tables in the series of photos.) Thanks in advance!

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