A modern architectural wonder hard not to adore…

When I first saw this project my first reaction was ,,,Waaooo!!!…What a design!…What a location!!……when I begun examining further , I was truly fascinated …..The name of this architectural wonder is Villa Amanzi and it is designed by the architectural Studio Original Vision …This Villa is a modern private home of 8,600 sq ft and it is build on the West coast of Phuket , Thailand…

The six bedroom residence is offering panoramic views of Kamala’s open ocean -a setting ideal for relaxation-Build on a slope terrain the concrete plains span effortlessly from the rocks like wings…allowing the cool breezes of the ocean to filter through the rooms and keep them cool…The infinity pool cantilevers over the massage rooms further up front from the rest of the building providing unobstructed views of the ocean and mountainous terrain …Smooth transitions between the living and dining areas are provided by the wide open spaces of the linear forms allowing ease of circulation and continuation of design…Villa Amanzi is a building made of concrete and glass with large openings rising through the rich vegetation allowing harmonious integration of the building and the steep mountains of Kamala-Pucket… A fascinating building and a dream come true for many of us!


  1. artsindo

    amazing home for living and home decorative. its very rich look, charm and warm. it will be nice living on summer.

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