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The gate to your home are you doors!

So I decided to renovate my home ….it was something I have been thinking about for a while now and even though its a great house with a great structure I felt it was time for some changes….The home it is built in 1967 located in San Marco island in Miami and has not been changed since I bought it 8 years ago….One of the things I completely disliked since I bought it actually, where the outside doors… they are extremely plain for the house and even thought the house is more on the mid century-modern design and style the doors have no character of any kind or have any association with the look of the rest of the home …After reviewing some of the books I had at home without getting any ahaa moment … I turned online for some inspiration…

And voila.!!… Some of the exterior doors I have found were beyond any expectation!!…outrageous…many of them modern and few traditional (that I love btw)…they inspire me….I am actually thinking to adjust the look of the home according to the exterior doors after all your exterior doors are the guardian of your home, they should be able to narrate the visitors of what its coming ahead….I begun also thinking about color(as opposed to the black and white look that I have now)…lots of color…..Below some of the doors that really inspired me….hopefully they will do the same to you…

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