Modern Chairs … a design challenge for the future

As a designer,I am a big fun of modern design…I look for it …I love to review it… take time to understand the concept behind it and many times it gets me inspired for my own work…. not as a whole but elements.. ideas…Lately on my new search for modern chairs I was amazed by some of the new designs out there …I mean …outrageous!!…getting more and more unique or weird (not sure which of the two at this point !)…And don’t take me wrong…I Love weird…But some of these chairs look like they just landed from space…

The truth is that we spend a big part of our lives sitting on different types of chairs – at home, in the office, in a restaurant , etc. – and the truth is, we start to take chairs for granted in a way. We even start not to notice them . I am a a strong believer that “form follows function” and a chair has to have a function;it needs to be useful and comfortable, otherwise its should not be called a chair; it should be called art..Obviously, chairs like the ones below will be very hard not to notice daily……I mean…suddenly normal chairs will start look weird!…But is extreme design comfortable? ….Is this the correct direction to the future as far as modern design?
Would love to hear from you..

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