Modern Ceilings that make a difference

Ceilings are spectacular to me. You have this unique single element that unifies the entire space of a home ,building, restaurant…. with a spectacular ceiling ,you will get nothing but great compliments,…. have a plain one and guaranteed to go unnoticed…. It compares to the belt and shoes….wearing an amazing belt and shoes can make huge difference in ones appearance, regardless if the rest of the clothing is nothing special…..So… ceilings are elements that many times are overlooked but when done right can add a feeling of finesse and charm to your space….

The main issues- in my opinion -with the ceilings in many modern apartments is the lack of height. Most of the modern apartments are only 10′ high leaving very little room for any kind of improvements or even a great lighting fixture, sometimes. A dropped ceiling with recessed lighting and 3 or more inches spacing all around can be a great option. Make sure you leave the spacing so your ceiling reads like a volume on its own which you can even paint …I have seen a charcoal grey that looked stunning , a beige as well…just be careful with color it might quickly turn into a cheap happy hour bar… if done wrong..Another great solution is a track lighting system.There are some great designs of track lighting fixtures that can look sculptural as well as practical. Spread them out homogeneously throughout the apartment so you get even lighting….A crown molding running on the edges of the ceiling could be another option….this depends on the look you want to give to the space; many times crown moldings give a classical edge to the room

Now;.. if you do have the height …the possibilities are endless!..Some of the most amazing ceiling examples are below but depending on the look you are trying to achieve …exposed wood beams are my favorite…They can be painted or left untreated, can be vaulted or straight, short or long spans….they give character, add warmth and the much needed rhythm to the space.
Adding great lighting such as chandeliers can be a great way to make a statement . Make sure they are not oversized to clutter the room and don’t overdo it with too many. Layering the height levels of the ceiling to give movement and separate spaces is also a great approach to create interesting ceiling patterns , just make sure is done tastefully….There endless ideas you can use for your ceiling design but no matter what direction you choose to take make sure you take a creative approach . Step back and evaluate the needs of your space, identify what exactly you need out of your ceiling and take into consideration the existing design elements of the space. If you feel you cannot figure it out yourself there are some amazing designers out there that will be more than happy to help. … A last advice is “have fun with the process ” …I guarantee you will love the outcome at the end..

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