“Home-Made Delicate Restaurant” by Logic Architecture

Logic Architecture designed an exquisite restaurant in Milan, Italy called the “Home-Made Delicate Restaurant”. This is a place where guests are charmed by the effortless bond between style and comfort.

The intricate design of all its furnishings can bring out a homely vibe from the outdoor quarters to the dining area. Styles like Napoleon III furniture, Le Corbusier outdoor furniture and 50’s décor work together while also remaining unique and distinct.

Most of the modern furniturehave been donated by sponsors like Iris Ceramica, Emu, Agape, who have understood the potential of the project and of the place. Some, however, have been designed especially for Home-Made, amongst which the wallpaper produced by Jannelli & Volpi portraying the enormous cages/aviaries, the wall lamps and the large leather sofa.
These objects belong to the “Equilibre” collection designed and coordinated by Riccardo Salvi and Luca Rossire: an eclectic collection made up of transversal objects in terms of modern and more classical tastes.
All these create a pleasant but surprising and interesting environment where you can fully enjoy your meal.

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